How to Prepare Your MN Landscaping in the Fall

If you’re a homeowner in the Minneapolis area you’ve probably already done plenty to your home to get it ready for winter.  But what about your yard?

When it comes to preparing your landscape in the fall, make sure you know what needs to be done. You want to ensure that it is able to last throughout the harsh winter and then come back up bright and green for the spring and summer months. In order to prepare for the winter, though, you have to start when it is fall so you can be prepared for whenever the snow decides to move its way in.

Here are a few MN landscape maintenance tasks that should be done before winter:

  • Overseeding the lawn can be done if you feel that your lawn is not plush enough. Providing a little help here and there can be beneficial if there are open spots or places where it is just not thick enough. If you feel like your lawn is hopeless, it is quite possible that you can overseed and start again.
  • Rake the leaves up throughout the yard. Get them all gathered when they start falling; put them in bags on the side of the road or even mulch them and place them around your garden, shrubs and trees to protect them from the frosts that are soon to hit.
  • Go to your garden beds and make sure to control the weeds within it during this time. If you neglect this task, you will soon find out that weeds are taking over come spring time. Those weeds and their seeds overwinter; snow doesn’t kill them – so get them out now.  You want to make sure you harvest any fruits and vegetables and then mulch, water and provide enough protection against the harsh winds and cold snow.


When it comes time to do some planning, designing and planting throughout your yard, give us a call here at Architectural Landscape Design. We are your landscape and garden design company for the Minneapolis area. We can help you plan and prepare for next spring time. Check out our Pinterest page for some low maintenance landscape ideas for next spring.