How to Maintain Your Pool for Summertime Fun

Whether you’re new to pool ownership or you’ve just opened your pool for the upcoming Minnesota summer, we’re sure this list of pool care guidelines will help you enjoy this summertime treat safely and in good health.  Although maintenance seem daunting at first, it’s not that hard to do, once you’ve set a routine up after the new pool is installed. The key is to prevent problems before they can develop.

my521b2Basic Pool Care
Two-thirds of necessary maintenance is made up of changing filters regularly, routinely cleaning the pool, and doing pH checks for the water. The combination of proper water circulation and pH balance goes a long way to preserving your pool.

Sanitizing Pool Water
Most people use chlorine to kill bacteria and get rid of other contaminants. This can be done a couple of different ways; the easiest being to install a chlorine feeder from your pool store. If that’s not an option, you can mix granular chlorine with water yourself.

If you want to do the second, remember to add a little at a time. Chlorine is a chemical, and it can be dangerous if not used properly.

Shocking Your Pool
After you add the chlorine, you’ll need to shock the pool every two weeks before you add more. Also known as oxidation, using as shocker will cleanse the water of artifacts from the chemical debris left over from chlorine and can rid it of contaminants like skin cells, suntan lotion, cosmetics and urine. This solves the problems of strong chlorine smell and cloudy water, as well.

Pool Maintenance Routines
Another routine to get into is to have a sample of your pool water tested every month you use it to make sure you’ve got the right combination of chemicals and cleaning routine.

In addition, vacuum and skim the pool of any debris to discourage algae growth. It will also control contamination as well. While you’re at it, do a regular check of O rings for signs of cracking or decay, electrical connections for fraying and cracking. Also make sure your skimmer baskets have no debris.

By making pool maintenance part of your home-care routine, you’ll save yourself money on costly repairs and the stress of not having a pool to relax in all summer long.

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