How to Have a Successful Garden in Your MN Yard

02feb23a1a15Gardens are a beautiful part of many landscaping projects we’ve done around the Minneapolis area. Gardens are also the ideal hobby for some. Taking care of the plants can be very therapeutic and relaxing. However, gardens come with a decent amount of work and attention that is needed. Gardens that are well tended can be beautiful, and if you’re willing to put in this work and effort then you can have one of the most beautiful gardens in your neighborhood.

Having a Beautiful Garden Requires Preparation

First and foremost, you have to prepare to have a garden. You have to know which plants are going to thrive in your area and which ones will not make it.  You also need to consider the sunlight and soil conditions for the spot you’re thinking about putting a garden bed into.  The colors you choose should be secondary to finding out which ones can actually be planted.  And then adequate soil preparations have to be done.  Not preparing can cause a lot of headache, effort, time and money.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Garden

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to those plants that you can plant in your area; choose which plants to use out of those you love. Working with a smaller space will only make this list more difficult to cut down. Choose whether you’d like a full garden with larger plants closer together, or if you’d like them to be filled in year after year. Planting smaller plants with enough space in between will give them enough room.  Another consideration is the amount of maintenance required – some plants take more care than others.  If your time is limited, look for native species that don’t require fertilizing or much water.  Plants that don’t need to be dead-headed will cut down on your garden chores as well.  (Check out our earlier blog post on how you can create a ‘lazy garden.’)

Work within Your Budget When Shopping for Plants

The budget that you have can make a difference in which plants you choose. Some plants are more expensive than others. Choose plants you feel the most comfortable purchasing and care for. Generally, having a smaller scale garden though, will cost much less compared to its larger brothers.

Professional Garden Design Can Give You Picture-Perfect Results

The garden design that you choose to go with means everything. The way that the flowers flow together, the way they work together and the overall beauty that the spot portrays says a lot about your gardening style and your landscape. Choosing the design wisely is the ideal way to go about having a garden of your own.  A professional landscape designer will work with you to make sure your ideas will fit with your existing landscaping as well as the overall look of your home.  It’s important to have all the elements in your yard fit together.

Garden styles are almost endless, and Architectural Landscape Design is able to custom design a landscape plan for you that includes a garden. Be able to care for a beautiful section of lawn and make the most of it with beautiful flowers. Speak with us today to start the design and planning of your landscaping this spring.  For some inspiration, visit us on Pinterest.  We’ve got lots of ideas to get you going.  We are a licensed MN landscape design and installation contractor serving the entire Minneapolis metro area, as well as surrounding communities.