How To Create An Under Deck Room To Maximize Your Outdoor Space

You can have a sun room. You can have a basement. You can have a deck. You can also have something that encompasses all of those.

An under deck room allows you to take advantage of more of your outdoor space. It’s something to consider if you want to make the most out of your deck. You don’t have to have a second-story deck to use the valuable space underneath it. You can always use your under deck room for storage if it’s not that tall.

One major consideration when you’re building an under deck room is whether you’ll be able to keep it dry. Creating the right drainage for your deck can prevent the area underneath from getting soggy. With a soffit underneath the planks and a gutter system that draws moisture away, you can use the patio under the deck for entertaining, storage or both.

Here are some ideas for under deck rooms.

Storage Areas

If you don’t want to take up valuable room in your garage or backyard, you can build a storage area underneath your deck. Enclose it with doors made out of siding that matches the deck. You can add a lock for extra security.

A storage area is an ideal way to use an under deck space that’s not quite tall enough to stand in. You can store your outdoor furniture or garden tools during the winter months. An under deck storage space gives your kids convenient access to their bikes and baseball bats.

One way to create storage space under a low deck is to build large drawers that slide out. This will keep your belongings dry and safe without forcing you to crawl into the dim space to search for them. You can make a creative cupboard by playing with the style of doors that give you access to the area. Barn door details are quaint on a farmhouse or cottage.

Skirting And Lattice

If you want a semi-private area under the deck, surround the vertical spaces with skirting or lattice. Although it’s not completely weatherproof, it will keep the area somewhat dry.

You can use this technique around a room that you use for storage. Just add a locked gate for extra protection. Leave a large open entranceway to provide a cozy nook for hanging out.

Skirting and lattice is a relatively affordable way to enclose your under deck space. You can also create an airy expanse by building a wall with lumber that matches the deck. Separate the planks to let the light shine in.


If you don’t want a jungle gym creating an eyesore in the center of the backyard, contain the play area under the deck. It’s a great excuse to get the kids to go outside rain or shine.

Attach traditional swings or a tire swing to the rafters. Add a trapeze or rings. A sandbox will provide a shady place for the kids to play. It will stay dry if you make sure that the deck drains out to the perimeter.

Hot Tub

Do you need more privacy for your hot tub or outdoor shower? Construct it under your deck. You’ll be protected from the sun and prying eyes.

Add even more privacy by surrounding the under deck room with plants that grow well in the shade. You’ll get lush greenery and color and can change it out from season to season. You can also keep pests away with plants that naturally repel insects.

Traditional Patio

Many homeowners pave the area under the deck. You can fill it in with concrete for a basic option. However, flagstones and pavers create a more finished look.

If you’ll be spending time below deck, make sure that you pay attention to the ceiling. Concentrate on the lighting to control the ambiance.

Then, add patio furniture. You can use the space as a dining area, or add cushioned sofas for a comfy gathering place. The right outdoor furniture can create a backyard paradise.


Meld together the outside and inside space by creating insulated walls around the bottom of the deck. You can enclose the area with windows that transition from glass to screens. This is an ideal way to add an addition to your heated space without taking up precious backyard footage.

There are hundreds of ways to make the area under the deck more attractive. Check out some creative under deck rooms on Houzz. The only thing you might not want to do in an under deck room is light a fire. Save the barbecuing and fire pit for a spot that has more height and air circulation.