How to Close and Winterize Your MN In-Ground Swimming Pool

Here in Minnesota we all look forward to the warmer months.  If you’ve got an in-ground pool you probably anticipate being able to take a dip in your swimming pool, so you want to make sure that it is all set to go when the weather warms up. Pools are great for entertaining right in your own yard, providing a cool place to hang out and take a swim. However, if you do not prepare your pool for the upcoming summer months during the fall, then you’re not going to be able to have a good working pool when the time comes. Your pool can freeze, and lack of maintenance can cause other problems, making it unable to be used just went you want to be able to jump in.

How to Winterize Your Pool


You have to make sure that the chemical levels throughout the pool are adjusted for the winter. The chlorine levels in a pool should be lower so they do not cause a break down of the liner on top of the pool. Shock the pool with the chlorine and then add specific chemicals to winterize the pool.

Remove Accessories

Remove any all of the accessories from your pool. You want to ensure the ladder is out, any floating devices, toys, skimmer, etc. are all out of the pool before you shock it and winterize it.

Adjust the Water Level

You need to remove some of the water from the pool, to just below the jet system. Sometimes, you do not need a pool cover over the pool if the water has been lowered enough. Use an air compressor to remove any water out of the pipes throughout the system. This will ensure that the pipes do not freeze when the winter comes.


Putting lubrication on the fittings of your pool can ensure that it is properly winterized and ready to go. This prevents the metal components of your pool from freezing over since they will contract when the cold weather comes. You want to provide enough lubrication to ensure that this does not happen, and that they can be used the following summer.


Effectively prepare the pipes of the pool for the winter by blowing them all out and adding heat tape around them. This will keep the cold winds and snow from damaging them. This should be done to the pipes and other systems that are outside of the pool and that come into direct contact with the outside elements.

If you do not already have a pool, but would really like one, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We are able to help you with the pool and spa design and installation that you’re after. Check out our Pinterest page for additional ideas for pools and spas in your backyard.