How To Brighten Up Your Minneapolis MN Landscape This Spring

The calendar says it’s spring, and warm weather is fast approaching the Minneapolis area, so right now would be a great time to consider enhancing your landscape’s beauty. Lovely spring colors may well ignite your imagination, especially with its natural shades of green and brown.  Let’s begin with a few tips on how to best achieve the beauty you seek in your yard.

04a1a14apr12014MN landscape designers often insist that the best way to add color to your garden in a stunning way is to do so subtly, but with enough bright accents, either scattered throughout the green or concentrated in one easily-viewed area.  Let’s now get into five great ways to add these bright accents to your garden:

  • Colorful flower containers
  • Bright fences, walls, and patio furniture
  • Arbors and pergolas
  • Walkways and paths
  • Art objects such as statues, bird baths, gazing balls, etc.

Flowers placed in a bright container can be quite charming. Using pure shades for combinations with small flowers or a variety of green plants would work beautifully. You can also choose harmonious colors to combine them with large flowers.  You can also select a multi-colored container, but your flower choices then are limited to the hues in the container (generally just pick one or two).

Another lovely idea is a low decorative fence separating functional areas. You can liven up a dull brick or concrete walls by simply painting them.  Natural wooden landscape elements have a tendency to lose their freshness in time. Why not paint them to update them with a spectacular accent? Painting can also be a wonderful way to draw attention to the decking, terrace or patio. If you’ve got wood patio furniture, consider painting it in a vivid spring hue.  Colored stone or tiles can be used for paths to add color throughout a yard.

Art objects can be a lovely way to surprise your garden guests. Having a bridge with railings painted in red can be magnificent homage to the Far East.  Garden statutes, gazing balls, and garden art are all ways to add color other than flowers

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways to brighten up your yard. Here’s a previous post that explores the use of shrubbery to create year-around interest and color.  Whatever your specific Minnesota landscape needs, as a licensed Minneapolis area landscape design and installation contractor, we’re always available to discuss your landscape dreams.  Give us a call today at 952-292-7717 to arrange a free design consultation.  We’d love to share our ideas for adding spring color to your landscape!