How Can I Eliminate Clutter in My Yard?

Does your yard seem to accumulate stuff?  If you’ve got a yard and a family, you’ve got lots of equipment that goes along with it, and the potential for clutter.  When it comes to decluttering the outdoors, it might seem like a serious handful. Just what do you do with all those things?  With just a little time, effort and creativity on your part, you can eliminate that clutter with creative solutions.

Vertical might be key when it comes to storage. Put your items inside something and then stack them up against a wall. Make sure the containers that they are in are waterproof, however. Each stackable item should be durable enough to hold the next, so that nothing falls through. Be creative and keep a table top on them to hide the storage solution that you thought of.  This only works for items that don’t need to be gotten to frequently, however.

Storage inside the deck can hide the clutter that you may find across the backyard. This is an ideal storage solution since it is virtually invisible to those that might come into the backyard. Creating trap doors on the sides or even in the middle, or in the corners to place the items under can be the ideal way to place them in there and have access to them whenever you’d like to use them again.

If you have small items to hide in the backyard, decorative items such as flower pots can also serve as a way to hide the mess. Place the items within the pots and then build the flowers over the top of them.

Use cupboards and shelves outdoors on your patio to make a wall that has a great appeal but that does not look cluttered. This is also a way to create more space in the area, while also giving yourself a way to keep items you use out of sight.

Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we can help you come up with a landscape design before the spring weather hits, and we’ll work with your storage needs in consideration. Now is the perfect time to start planning for the warmer weather ahead.  Any outdoor area needs enough storage.  For some inspiration, visit our latest Pinterest board, Outdoor Storage Ideas.