How to Hire a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company in Minnesota – Part 1

Having a beautiful landscaped yard is not only important to homeowners but also for those who have businesses and other commercial properties.  A beautiful landscaped exterior is one of the best ways to keep your clients and customers happy, and it boosts curb appeal to all.  This is true whether your property is an office, a retail location, or multi-family housing.

In order to keep it looking and feeling this way though, you have to consider hiring a commercial landscape maintenance company. You want someone that is able to do the job, do it right and allow you to continue on with business as usual.

Why You Need a Minnesota Landscape Maintenance Company 

Consider how the outside of your building looks.

  • Does it enhance your image?
  • Does it speak to the customers?
  • Is it easily seen from where people will be driving by?
  • Does it show your unique approach to the company that you run?

In order to entice and enrich those who come to your company, you need to have a well thought-out plan of action for maintaining the landscaping around your building. It has to be well taken care of and portray the messages you want it to say. If the exterior areas are not cleaned up and looking their best, your clients and customers are not going to want to walk inside the building.

Establishing a Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance Program That Works for You 

When the time comes to establish a landscaping program that works for you, various aspects need to be considered.

You want the first impression you make to be professional and high quality. You want them to visitors, tenants, and employees to feel as if they’re going to an upscale area. You set the standard for the types of services you want and what you’d expect to get from the company. You’re the one choosing them, after all. You need to know that you’re choosing wisely.  This is where a landscape design company that specializes in commercial landscaping can be helpful.

But evaluate each landscape contractor wisely before making a decision on which to go with.  Are they able to deliver on the specifications that you have for your property?

Speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design in Minneapolis to set up that beautiful commercial landscape design.  We can also provide the maintenance you need to have done around the building. We offer custom landscape maintenance packages tailored to your requirements and your property’s needs.  We are more than happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have regarding commercial landscape maintenance.

ALD is a licensed Minnesota landscape design, installation and maintenance contractor for residential and commercial properties in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas.