Hide the “Uglies”~ Air Conditioners, Garbage Cans, Recycling Bins, Utility Boxes, Plus More!

Do you have any of these standing out in your yard or taking up needed room in your garage?

  • Garbage cans
  • Recycling bins for paper, aluminum
  • Compost bins
  • Air Conditioning units
  • On-ground electrical boxes
  • Well pump structures
  • Swimming pool equipment
  • Utility boxes
  • Potting bench
  • Out door sports equipment or gear

Most of these items are not known for their beauty, but you have to have them for the utility and functions they provide on a daily basis. Many of these eyesores aren’t something you can easily move. But you can hide them from you and your neighbor’s views by putting them behind attractive fencing, lattice screening, and plantings. Another option is to install stone walls or brick walls  that block these “uglies” and stop the breeze to a nearby patio or deck. Retaining walls can also serve the dual purpose of minimizing the possibility of bad aromas from days-old garbage.  On the flip side pleasant possibilities are to build a potting bench inside the enclosure, which can serve the dual purpose of a staging area for entertaining outside. You can also use this space as a locked area to keep out door sports equipment or gear.  The flooring can be concrete, brick, gravel, pavers, etc.

Our landscape designers and architects can discuss your specific needs with you and design attractive alternatives that work for you and your family. One of the many solutions we offer including fencing, retaining walls, and lattice screens that have flower boxes on top. This option could if necessary make this a front yard option by placing it next to the garage doors. This option offers a great design feature as it can provide a real contrast to a solid set of garage doors!

If you are interested in creating a separate space to keep the “uglies” give us a call today for your free one-hour consultation at 952-292-7712.