Hedge Rows Versus Fences

If you have been considering how to create different spaces around your home or business then you are not alone. This is an issue that many people deal with at some point in their life. There is a lot to consider when planning out long term partitions and how you want foot traffic to flow through your space.

Hedge rows and landscaping that create partitions with lovely foliage, fruit, and more are a fantastic green alternative to traditional fencing. Let’s face it; a fence can look pretty bad if not maintained or if you just have whatever is cheapest thrown up.

Hedge Rows Are Less Expensive Over Time

Metal, wood, and plastic fencing have a limited life span. Wrought iron and other heavy duty metal fences can be hard on the budget if you are trying to keep expenses lower. Metal fences might need paint, and you will need to have routine or products to prevent weeds and other undesirable plants from growing.

Hedge rows once established might only require the occasional mulching, stray weed pulling, or trim. A little bit of work occasionally is all that is needed. With some shrubs and plants, this may be a very rare occasion because of growth limitations due to vegetation or soil conditions.

More Inviting But Still A Barrier

Fences can look somewhat ominous and uninviting. While you may want some order around your place, if it looks too uninviting it may be a problem. A hedgerow designates a space without looking like you are locking yourself up in a compound.

Hedge Rows Offer Beautiful Privacy

Not all fences are made with beauty in mind. A hedge row is naturally beautiful if the right combination of plants and shrubs are chosen. A professional landscaper has the experience needed to make sure you get exactly the look you want. If you don’t know a lot about plants then designing your landscaping can seem overwhelming. Take a look at other properties in your area to get some initial ideas and then talk to a pro.

Some hedge rows can be more maintenance than others. For example, Leland Cypress are easy to get and grow very quickly, so they are a popular choice for a hedgerow mostly intended for shade and privacy. Since they can reach 40 feet in height if not cut back regularly each year, some people may not want something quite so vigorous.

Fences Are Usually Faster

Plants take some time to grow. While you can get fast growing plants or those that are larger when installing in your landscaping, this is not going to be as fast as putting up a wire or wood fence. Stone fences can even be faster if you have the labor and budget. Of course, with stone, you have to be sure that you are not going to want to make major boundary changes in the future. Many people are only comfortable with this permanent of a fence on major borders or in spaces very close to their homes such as a patio or outdoor kitchen area.

Hedgerows Are More Subject To Climatic Factors And Weather

A lot of hedgerows are created using plants that have a high tolerance for the weather and temperatures that can occur in the area. Creating a hedgerow with plants that are borderline for being able to be grown in the area carries some risk. If your hedgerow growth is set back due to an exceptionally cold and dry season, then you might not have the results you want.

The best thing to do if you want a hedgerow that can stand up to stressed conditions is to consult with an experienced landscaper. If you start to realize that you prefer a fence, it will take some time and work, but it is easy to later replace rows with a fence. Of course the tighter and older the hedgerow, the more labor and expense you will face.

Wildlife Benefits

Hedgerows provide a lot of cover for wildlife such as songbirds. The type of hedgerow you have is a major influence on what types of wildlife you are going to attract. If you want to help out birds further then a small birdbath can help further attract them and will be a beautiful part of the landscape.

Using native plants for a hedgerow is preferable in many ways but not always realistic for some homes or businesses. If you have a water feature such as a fountain or pond near this can be a big help for wildlife especially during drier conditions. Rocks and ornamental features can provide hiding places for toads and frogs that help keep insect populations naturally in check.

Environmentally Sound Landscaping Practices

If you have a business, common space, etc. then letting others know you care about the environment and those around you can help your business succeed. Hedgerows are attractive for apartment buildings, around office buildings, schools, and more.

For added impact and education you can have attractive signs saying what each plan is or even more information if you desire. This means your landscaping can actually educate and make others more environmentally aware of the world around them.

Tips For Consulting With Your Landscaper

Planning your borders and area designations can be fun but should be taken seriously as well. Planning major landscaping is an investment in the future. Take a long look at your property and take note of what stands out to you. Are there areas you want to highlight? Are some spaces rougher terrain that you don’t know what to do with?

These considerations will make it faster and easier for your pro to make suggestions and create some designs that meet your needs as much as possible. Try to be open minded about what will and will not work for your space. A great landscaper should not be unwilling to explain things to the customer. There is usually a solution to wanting or need. In fact, the alternatives are sometimes even better that anyone hoped for!