It’s a Great Time to Think About Prior Lake Snow Removal

You’re probably wondering why we’re talking about snow removal right now when the Prior Lake area (as well as most of Minnesota and other parts of the country) are suffering from a wave of extreme heat.


Because this is the best time of the year to start planning for how you’re going to deal with those inevitable heavy snow storms and keeping your driveway and sidewalks cleared.  

Think back to just a few months ago when it was the dead of winter here in the Twin Cities.  How many times did you have to get out the snowblower and clear your driveway before you could even get your car out of the garage? Were you late for work? Or maybe the snowblower wouldn’t start and you had to call in and let the office know you might be awhile.

Or perhaps somebody in your family slipped and fell, getting a nasty bruise or sprain from that icy patch at the bottom of the stairs.

We’ve got a solution to your winter snow and ice headaches.  

We like to keep our landscaping crews busy all year, and we also like to provide for ALL the landscape maintenance needs of our clients, so we developed our snow removal division to do just that.

Residential Snow Removal Contracts Available

Whether you want to make arrangements for the entire season or just to handle a particularly heavy snowfall, we have options for you.  Our crews come out in pairs – one with a truck and the other with a hand shovel.  One of our snow removal specialists will plow out your driveway while the other tackles the walkways with a shovel and/or a snow blower. And we apply de-icers to walkways.  If you get build-up or drifting snow, or you’ve got icy areas that need attention, we have a 24-hour hotline for snow removal services.  

Maintaining your property in the best shape possible is our goal.  Because of that, we take pictures at both the beginning and end of the season, and if there’s any issue, we’ll take care of the repairs. Here in Minnesota we get crazy winter storms, and sometimes unavoidable messes can happen.  But we do our best to minimize them.

We also install reflectors along driveway edges before the first snows hit so our plow trucks will stay within the confines of the driveway.  “Pre-planning and taking precautions like this help us avoid things turning into a mess at the end of the season,” says co-owner Tony Westrude.

Our end-of-season cleanup includes laying down sod to replace any damaged turf areas as well as power washing your driveway to remove residue from de-icers such as sand.

We are a licensed Minnesota landscaping company, and we offer commercial and residential snow removal services throughout the winter.  Our Prior Lake snow removal packages are custom tailored to the needs of each property.  And snow removal services are available to homeowners in the surrounding communities of Lakeville, Apple Valley, Shakopee and Savage.  Call us to find out about availability in other locations.  Why not get on our list today so when the first snows hit you won’t be taken by surprise?