Getting Your Minnesota Yard Ready for the Winter

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When the fall arrives, it’s time to start getting your home and yard spruced up and in shape for the upcoming season. Fall cleaning is in order, not only for the inside but for the outside of the home as well. By following some tips for the outside of the home, you’re able to be ready in no time at all. Get your property in great shape and enjoy the rest of the fall months before the winter hits and you have to start shoveling.

  • Compress your soil down with an aerator. You want to make sure that there no puddles or pooling water around the yard. This could be bad for the grass, for the flowers and also for your shoes, so pack it up and make sure it is good to go. Have you got perpetual wet spots?  Think about installing a drainage system or retaining wall in those areas that seem to be more flooded than others in the yard.
  • Feed the grass. This will give it something to thrive off of during the winter months. You probably cut back on the fertilizer towards the end of summer. Now is the time to lay down one last layer to get the grass in good shape for the upcoming months. While you’re at it, you should also run a lawn mower over the grass to give it a final trim.
  • Collect all of the leaves from your yard this time around. You want to make sure they are not being mixed in with the dirt, grass and perhaps mud. You can collect them in a bin or fenced area and use it for compost another time around with other ingredients. This can be great for the plants that you have in your landscape.
  • Now is the time to do some trimming and planting throughout the yard. Trim those dead shrubs down and create new places for buds to come in. You can even plant new trees and shrubs, or perennials that need to be planted in the fall time so they can bloom when spring rolls around again.  Just check the upcoming temp forecast to make sure you’ve got enough mild weather to allow those transplants to settle in before the hard freeze.
  • Protect any young plants that you have using some mulch. You can use your own mixture or grab some from the hardware store. Make sure that you pack it in good so the mulch is able to hold in the nutrients and water, while also protecting the plants from the frost and cold weather that the winter brings.


Now is the time to prepare yourself and your yard for what is ahead. If you need help getting your landscaping in top shape for any time of the year, give Architectural Landscape Design a call. As landscaping contractors for the Minneapolis area, we can help you make the changes you want made or add new additions now that will be able to enhance your yard throughout the upcoming seasons.