Getting the Chemicals Ready for Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

Summer is creeping up on us and with the temperatures already rising, it is the perfect time to start thinking about getting that pool ready for the hotter months of the year. When it comes to adding chemicals though, which are the right ones? Do you know all of the pool procedures needed to make sure your pool is in great working order?

Chlorine:  For many pool owners, using chlorine to keep the water clean is essential when getting it ready for the summer months ahead.This is the most widely used chemical when it comes to pool maintenance. It cleans the water and makes sure that the bacteria that might be floating around in it is gone. It comes in both a liquid solution and tablets. The tablets are mostly used for above-ground pools.

Maintaining Your pH Levels: The proper pH level of the pool should always be balanced.   If your pH is out of balance, you could end up with algae bloom, but if it’s too acidic it can also be hazardous for anyone to swim in.  Eye and skin irritation result. It should measure around 7.6 (the normal pH of eyes), while the alkalinity should be around 80 to 120 parts per million.

Storing the Chemicals:  Storing the chemicals can be just as important as using them. This should be a matter that is taken seriously because if they mix the wrong way, or if someone gets into them that shouldn’t, then bad things can happen. The best way to store them is by reading the storing instructions on the packet or bottle. However, if there are none, keeping them in a dark, cool place that is away from pets and kids would be the best way to go about it. Never keep them out in the open or in the direct sunlight.

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