Get Your MN Lawn Ready for Next Summer with These Tips

09sep09a1a14Now that summer is behind us, it’s time for landscape care. Fall is the time to pay special attention to your lawn. You should make sure to provide it with the maintenance needed to get it ready for the winter.  The steps you take now will also ensure that it’s looking great for next spring and summer.

Fall Lawn Mowing:  Make sure that your grass is around 2 inches tall throughout fall. If you let it get too long, it is going to mat up and cause winter diseases. If you cut it under 2 inches, you’re going to make it harder for the grass to collect and get the nutrients it needs to survive the winter.

Leaf Raking:  You’re able to increase the amount of water your grass is able to get when you rake up the leaves covering it. This also helps your yard look nice. Remove any other organic debris from the lawn when you rake such as twigs and dead foliage.  You do not want this laying on the grass when the snow hits.

Recycle Your Yard Waste:  Recycle your leaves when you rake them off your lawn. Composting your leaves can keep them out of gutters, streets and sewers where they do not belong. Use the leaves as mulch and feed your garden in the process. Protect your plants for the winter using the cut up pieces. You can use these leaves to your advantage once you rake them up.  (For more information on using leaf mulch – how to do it and the benefits – check out this helpful article.)

Watering Your Lawn in Fall:  Your lawn is still going to need water, even if the temperature is dropping.  Grass needs adequate moisture.  An irrigation system can help, but if you have one of these, make sure that before the first hard freeze that you blow the system out using compressed air so there’s no water in it to freeze and cause damage.

Fall Fertilizing:  Your lawn is going to need nutrients in order to grow; fertilizing your yard throughout September and October (and even into early November if it stays warm).   You want to make sure that it is able to hold sufficient nutrients until the warmer weather hits in spring.

Seeding:  Seed your lawn by the third week of September. The cooler temperatures can help seeding and sodding, enabling your efforts be successful and actually  have grass grow when spring comes.  (Sod can be put down through October, but make sure to keep it well watered.)

It is important to take care of your lawn this fall so it holds up over the winter and will look good next spring. If you feel like this is a lot for you to handle right now, it’s time to speak with us at Architectural Landscape Design.  We offer landscape design as well as landscaping services that can help you cut down on your lawn care chores.   Check out our Pinterest board for low maintenance landscape ideas.  Then give us a call for a free consultation.  952.292.7717.