Get a Low-Maintenance a Yard with Lawnless Landscaping

The new trend this year in landscaping is sustainability. And what goes right along with it is the trend toward low-maintenance or maintenance-free features in and around a home to give more time to enjoy it.

Lawnless landscaping combines both. 

IMG_8183Being able to have a beautiful yard but without the high maintenance and the damage that can be done to the environment from chemicals is not impossible.  You can choose to have a green yard without a lawn, and without all the watering and mowing that goes with it.

Lawnless landscaping requires minimal upkeep and provides you with a way to get the beautiful yard you want, without the hassle that comes with it (or the worry).

Consider Some of These Ways to Make Your Landscaping Lawnless

  • Lush Choices Out Front – Choosing natives plants, prairie grasses, shrubs and trees to place outside the front door to create a welcoming environment can be ideal. They will require minimal upkeep and can also provide a beautiful natural entryway to walk through. Add a stone walkway, fountain and a bright front door, and you have yourself a courtyard of beauty.
  • Make it a Beautiful Desert Getaway – The desert can be beautiful, and with the right colorful shrubs, stone work and gravel, you can have an outdoor oasis made just for you and with minimal upkeep that doesn’t need much water to keep it going.
  • Family Backyard – Families are plentiful, and you still want somewhere for your children to run and play. Add the right native plants, and pave around the area. Create a softer area using sand and gravel, or opt for resilient green ground covers. You can replace the patchy grass with something that is just as beautiful and functional for the entire family. Don’t forget the fire pit!
  • Going Zen – Create a rock garden with paths, and low maintenance shrubs throughout to have a place to sit and think. Don’t forget the unique water fountains, and a little bit of color to make the landscape stand out. Place a bench in the middle of it all and enjoy the backyard. Here are some ideas to add a zen look to your yard.
  • The Modern Coast – Fescue grass is little known, but great for those that want to have a yard that is easy to maintain. It requires just a little bit of water, and no cutting. You can then add a raised porch, patio pavers and a few small trees or shrubs to complete the look.

When you’re considering a lower maintenance landscape, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We are more than happy to help with designs and implementation. Make that yard of yours beautiful, but without all of the extra effort needed to maintain it throughout the year. Go forward and choose a beautiful yard of your dreams.  We can help – give us a call today for a free initial in-home design consultation.