Garden Unity, Balance, Transition, Proportion: Make Beautiful Landscapes Sing

We all want to be in a garden that is pleasing to look at and be in. How does that happen? No matter what style of landscaping it is all the basic priniciples of garden design.

Unity, balance, transition, proportion, rhythm, views, focal points and order are the basic principles. It almost sounds like you are making music. There are those that say good landscaping and great gardens do sing. Whether they sing or not, they are what makes a garden or a  landscape pleasing to the eye.

Landscape Architects have studied these basic principles as part of their design studies at a university and are trained to create landscape design. Landscape Contractors are installation specialists, who work closely with the Landscape Architects and Designers. At MN Architectural Landscape Design we have Garden Designers, Landscape Architects and we are Landscape Contractors.

In designing landscapes and gardens we incorporate these principles in our planning so your landscape looks effortless and flows:

Unity gives a garden it’s consistency, it’s the ease with which means all parts look like they  go together.

Balance is achieved through symmetry (features on one side of an axis are mirror images of what is on the other side of the axis) or by asymmetry (features provide balance on each side of an axis, like a path).

Transition can be the changing textures, forms and sizes of leaves and plants along a path, it’s how the viewer’s eye is brought along.

Proportion is how no one element: tree, shrub, pathway, fence, or gazebo seems too large or too small.

Rhythm in the garden is created by the design changing and moving from things such as paving.

Views and Focal Points cause the eye to be directed. A view could be from the house to the garden and a focal point could be a large magnolia or a statute.

Lastly, Order is established through the overall design, as well as through the individual parts like trees and garden structures.

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