Focus Your Design with a Landscape Design Master Plan

Before you embark on a large project for your home, it is always advisable to start with a plan. If you create a plan for the interior design of your space, why wouldn’t you make one for your landscape design project? Invest in your home with intention and focus with a master plan for the project.

Design Your Project in Phases

The purpose of a master plan in landscape design is to go into every project you undergo with a greater vision in mind. Landscape work isn’t as simple as taking on random projects and expecting your yard to transform completely. These phases also allow for scheduled spending, so you never break the bank but always make progress on the project.  

Benefits of Phasing in Projects Over Multiple Years

The benefits of working on a master plan are comprehensive especially when designed with a professional that understands your needs. Whether you want a focus to be on the flower beds and gardens or you want pathways, hardscaping, and proper drainage, every aspect of the design is a part of a master plan. Even if you complete the project in phases, you will experience benefits including:

  • Considering elevation needs and drainage for the entire space
  • Making sure plant investments and installations all are in the right location and don’t ruin hardscaping in the long-term
  • Coordinating the right spots for paths and walkways
  • Decreasing the size and scope of projects into smaller pieces as needed
  • Guaranteeing your plant purchases are for the proper climate
  • Complementing existing terrain with the right design decisions
  • In the commercial space, building connections that are seamless between communities

A Selling Point for Future Homebuyers

Although you may not necessarily be considering selling your home right now, a master plan for your project can make a long-term difference. If you have finished the vision, it shows you’ve invested time and money into the house. If you haven’t finished the project, the future homeowner understands your intentions with the project. A master plan may increase the value of your home.

Add Value Commercial Properties

A master plan for your commercial property is easy for shareholders to understand, shows the value in adding to your property, and makes sure a vision is clear. All too often, businesses spend money on features like trees, only to dig them up in two years for new pathways or hardscaping features. Enlist the assistance of a landscape architect or design specialist to create a master plan, even if your company completes the project in phases.

Always Work with a Professional

Before you embark on an expensive project, be sure your master plan gets designed with care. A landscape designer understands each aspect of both hardscaping and softscaping as necessary. This type of expert knows the way plants grow and can envision how your project will look in five, ten, and even 20 years.