Five Easy Ways to Winterize Your Yard

The temperature is dropping, and the leaves have begun to fall from the trees. Before you head in for the winter, your garden and yard may still need some attention. Winterizing your yard isn’t difficult when you remember these five tasks.

Guard Young Trees:  Although we can go to the grocery store to restock the kitchen, wildlife can’t say the same. To mice and rabbits, young trees are very appetizing. To prevent damage to your young plants, protect them with wire or plastic mesh. It needs to be high enough to compensate for snow accumulation, and adding a few extra inches is a good idea.

Keep Watering:  Trees need adequate water in the autumn to make it through the winter. Evergreens need extra moisture because they continue giving off water vapor through their leaves throughout the cold months. Keep watering your trees until the ground freezes It

Leaf Removal:  Raking leaves up every week instead of letting them build up can save your grass. Although grass starts going dormant as the weather cools, it still needs sunlight to generate a store of sugars for springtime growth.

However, the leaves don’t need to be thrown out. They can be shredded and used as compost on the garden over the winter or mixed with compost.

Perennial Care:  This is the perfect time to cut foliage back, if you choose to. Although some sources say it’s important to trim plant life before winter hits, some gardeners prefer to leave the foliage for unique scenery and as a snack for wildlife.  Make sure you’re familiar with the needs of your perennials; some such as hydrangeas bloom on old wood, so you’ll want to leave those alone.

Spring Bulbs:  Before the ground freezes, plant your spring bulbs. You need to make sure the soil is well drained to prevent any rot. Cages will prevent rodents from eating them, but if that option isn’t possible, sprinkling red pepper in the hole will work just as well.

Helpful Reminder:  While snow on the ground can help insulate plant life, it can still damage trees and bushes because of its weight. After heavy snow falls, remove snow from lower branches and work your way up as high as possible.

By taking these preventive measures early on, spring will arrive to bring your garden and yard back to its full glory without any problems.  If you have any questions about landscaping care in the Minneapolis area, give us a call.