Prep Your Fire Table for Winter

It isn’t uncommon for our minds to wander off toward long summer nights when thinking about using fire tables. Those memories typically fill with lively conversations happening into late hours as everyone crowds around the fire table.

With the winter months coming up, it’s time to get your backyard ready for those cold weather nights. That means, in addition to your routine outdoor tasks, it’s time to prep your fire table for winter. Before covering it up for winter storage, you must keep your gas fire table clean.

That’s the best way to properly maintain it before you can use it again when it comes out of storage after a long winter. While the weather is still lovely in the fall, that’s an excellent time to work on this task.

Get Your Fire Table Winter Ready

We all want our fire tables to last for years. They’re not only beautiful to look at on gorgeous summer nights, but they also are excellent for toasting marshmallows and roasting hot dogs. You’re investing in your outdoor patio or garden area by installing one of these, so make sure you’re taking extra care to make sure you’re completing these tips for fire pit winter maintenance.

Here are some tips for getting your fire pit winter-ready:

  • Remove all debris, dirt, and leaves from the burner. Don’t forget to check for all the rocks and other debris that could have fallen into your fire table throughout the summer.
  • Shut off the natural gas line and close the fire pit’s gas valve.
  • Remove and shut off the propane from the fire pit’s base. Make sure you’re storing the tank properly for the winter.
  • Remove all accessories, as well as the wind guard, that you don’t want to store outdoors. Store all of these items in a shed or somewhere inside.
  • Remove fire media or glass gems from the burner. (You can complete this step during the winter or spring if you choose.)
  • Cover the fire burner using a fire pit cover for gas.
  • Wipe down your fire pit’s burner and cover to make sure everything is clear of debris before putting on a cover.
  • Use a vinyl cover to conceal your fire table to give it protection from the elements until you’re ready to use it again during the spring.

Following these steps will ensure your fire pit will last for years without experiencing damage from the winter elements. Getting your fire table winter-ready doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process and can occur when you’re completing the rest of your winterizing tasks. That way, you know for sure everything is all set and receiving the best protection before spring arrives.

Setting Up a Gas Fire Pit for Winter

What if you don’t want to store your fire table during winter? Is it possible to enjoy it throughout the year? The good news is, you can!

With proper maintenance and care, you don’t have to let winter restrict you from enjoying your fire pit. Instead, you can create a gas fire table in winter. Making this decision not only allows you to create more memories with your family but also more opportunities to enjoy your fire table.

Why else is it an excellent idea to add a fire table to your outdoor living space in the winter? Let’s look at some additional reasons:

  • You’ll upgrade your entertaining area: when you’re entertaining in the winter, a fire table acts as a focal point for gathering your friends and family. Upgrade your entertaining areas using your unique style this winter by adding this spectacular feature.
  • Experience portable heating: why should you feel the restrictions of winter regarding outdoor heating options? You’ll find that, when it comes to outdoor fire tables, many styles are portable. Therefore, you can move them from your patio to any area in your backyard.
  • Create areas for relaxation: a fire table adds cozy and warm atmospheres no matter where you add them in an outdoor space. Watch the flames dance as you relax and unwind while the sun goes down. Fire tables offer a special kind of ambiance.
  • Increase your space for entertaining: it’s challenging to fit everyone into your home while entertaining during the winter months sometimes. Instead of feeling cramped, use your fire table to extend your entertainment space outdoors.
  • Create alternative cooking areas: don’t think of your fire pit as another beautiful outdoor feature that provides warmth. It also serves as a place where you can cook a meal, as well. Make sure you add a grilling grate, though.

Now that we know the benefits of having a fire table during winter, let’s look at how to set it up. In the following sections, we’re going to discuss how to prepare, clean, and set your fire table up for year-round use.

Prepare Your Fire Table for Winter

Just like when you’re preparing your fire pit for winter storage, you’ll need to complete some routine fire table maintenance. That includes cleaning it for maximum efficiency and shutting off the gas line and valves.

Then, you’ll need to conduct a thorough inspection of the rubber gas lines to ensure there isn’t any damage. Look at the burner’s portholes to ensure no obstructions are present. If you have any accessories, remove them and wash them thoroughly before replacement.

Give Your Fire Pit a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning Fire Pit

Now that you’re fire pit has thorough preparation, it’s time for deep cleaning. Clean the gas lines and portholes using a mild household detergent. A toothbrush is an excellent tool to use for getting to those hard-to-reach areas.

Remove all debris you find accumulating on the base of the fire table and clean all other areas thoroughly. Next, clean the burner, interior, and pipes. Then, clean the fire pit’s interior and exterior. Wipe down the fire table’s sides and polish all metal areas.

Use a bowl of mild detergent and warm water to soak the fire glass. Swish these stones around to remove built-up dirt and grime. Then, rinse everything off thoroughly. For accessories, including wind guards and ceramic logs, wipe them down using a damp cloth dipped in mild detergent and rinse.

Prevent the formation of ice by drying everything thoroughly. Replace all the accessories after you wash them if you wish to continue using them throughout the winter. Otherwise, store them in a shed or use them as decorative features in your home.

Covering Your Fire Table

Once your fire table is free of debris, dirt, and other harmful elements, it’s time to use it throughout the winter. However, you can’t neglect one essential item to ensure it remains in good condition throughout the season. The moisture from rain, snow, and other weather can cause your fire table to experience damage.

That means, your fire table’s life could shorten, or you’ll incur costly repairs. Therefore, you should use a high-quality vinyl cover in between usages. You must also use a fire pit cover for gas. You’ll find a variety of covers available no matter what size or shape fire table you have.

Experience Year-Round Enjoyment

No matter what you enjoy doing outside, you can engage in these activities while staying cozy and warm by your fire table. Invite your friends and family to a winter cookout, story reading time, marshmallow toasting session, or pleasant conversation.

The best part is your fire table for winter is an excellent way of finding relief from the cold winter temperatures. All that you have to do is remove the cover, get rid of a little snow, make sure the fuel supply is available, and you’re ready to turn on your fit pit.

Why Are Protective Covers Essential?

You may have noticed references about the use of high-quality vinyl covers. Even though they’re not mandatory, the recommendation is to use them. Despite a fire table featuring durable, outdoor-rated materials, that doesn’t mean they won’t experience damage from winter precipitation.

If you don’t plan on using your fire table throughout the winter, your best recourse is to use a protective cover. That ensures your fire pit experiences the highest level of protection while you’re not using it for an extended period. The use of a cover keeps it looking clean and extends the life of your fire table.

Many protective covers feature one-way breathability. That means interior moisture doesn’t trap and can get out while the fire pit cover prevents water from getting in. Many of these covers also feature a durable laminate that offers protection against the elements.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you plan on storing your fire table or using it year-round, there are tips for fire table winter maintenance you must follow. That way, you’re sure you’re caring for your fire table properly, and it lasts a lifetime. Your fire table is not only excellent for adding that perfect amount of ambiance to your backyard entertainment areas, but it also serves as a secondary cooking area. So make sure you’re taking good care of it throughout the year.