Add a Fire Pit For Those Minnesota Nights | MN Landscape Design

 Minnesota can get cold; very cold, and stay that way for a good portion of the year. Many people will simply just stay inside, and wait out the winter before they start to go back outside and enjoy their backyard once again. What if it were possible to create a backyard that would help you squeeze out several more weeks from your backyard enjoyment?

 Well, there is. Adding wind breakers, and a fire pit to your patio will provide great protection against what Minnesota can bring, and offer you a longer summer before the snow settle in. By designing and building a space that is unique to your home, you will be adding living space and giving yourself more options around the house all year long.

 Fire pits can be an easy addition, and a large part of that planning goes into what kind of seating will be used. Some opt for a simple bench made out of the same stone, but this is in a fixed position, and can’t be adjusted. If you are the type of person that prefers to move around, our Minneapolis Landscaping  Company can build a patio where you can place your own seating, giving you and your guests more choices.

 By building your fire pit large enough, you will also be making your fall clean up a little more fun. All those sticks and twigs you clean up from the grass will give you some warmth and quality time around the fire later in the day, and give the kids something to do, too.  

 Fire pits are far more than just warmth, they provide a place to sit and be together without actually having to do anything; a skill many have lost somewhere along the way. Fire pits are the communal meeting grounds where families can gather around and just visit without going over tomorrow’s agenda.

Get to know your family again, and bring a practical and functional living space into your home by contacting us at Architectural Landscape Design to find out what will work best for your unique home. Once your basic structures are in place, you may want to start thinking about that outdoor kitchen… 952-292-7717