Fire Pit Next To The Pool In Minnesota

Imagine a fire pit build right next to the pool. Not one that requires wood and produces ash, but a gas fed fire that burns clean with the flip of a switch. What better way to spend a cool summer evening in your Minnesota home. Reserved for the lucky few years ago, gas burning fire pits have become more popular with the advances in technology, that make outdoor living that much more convenient and affordable. Some things to consider when installing an outdoor fire pit should include the following;

  1. How many people would you like it to accommodate? 1-4 is typical, as this will encourage simple, intimate conversations that create trust and safety. 5 or more people will require 360 degrees of campfire style pleasure for anyone coming or going.
  2. What mood are you trying to create? Cozy and romantic, or a loud family gathering.
  3. Is there a particular view that you want to capitalize on? If you do, then build a pit that is close to the ground, so you can take advantage of it. If not, then feel free to build in an elevated fire pit that will bring the fire up a bit, so the heat will radiate across the center of your body. A hearth, mantle or even a small pizza oven are also favorites in situations like this.
  4. Will this space be impacted by wind? If so, then make sure you have a screen built in. Wind can carry ash and embers for miles, so make sure you are taking this consideration seriously. If wind is not a concern, maybe consider a water source in case your flames get a little too high.
  5. Does smoke bother you? If it does, then opt for a gas burning fire pit. These are very popular these days, and very safe even for youngsters. Gas burning pits are beautiful, clean, efficient, and still provide all the warmth and beauty you would expect from any fire place.

Make sure you talk with an experienced landscaper who knows how to consider all the options. With Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design you will be getting years of design installation experience, as well as the educated knowledge of licensed horticulturalists. If you are going to invest in your home this year, make sure you are working with professionals that can handle everything involved. 952-292-7717