Expand Your Landscape Options with Retaining Walls

There is so much that can be done when it comes to landscapes. Many different elements can be used, many different designs can be developed, and spaces your yard can be transformed. A popular choice among homeowners today is bringing the inside of their home to the outside to provide a more welcoming space to enjoy the great outdoors in.  Here in Minnesota our warm weather is limited, so we like to make the most of it, and the right landscape plan can help you do that right at home.

Retaining Walls Provide More Design Opportunities

jl0729cDue to uneven terrain, a lot of design features aren’t available for many lots without the use of retaining walls. For instance, this back yard area was developed on a steep slope.  Ordinarily you’d be very limited in what you could use such a hillside for, but the installation of several levels of retaining walls produced tiers for planting as well as a rustic yet inviting walkway to the top where the view is fantastic.  The walls hold back soil and provide many more design options than a simple slope of grass would give. Not only that, but these walls are also able to give the area a beautiful natural look that’s totally different than a steep grassy hill.

The Look and Feel of the Retaining Wall

Retaining walls should be built well and last a lifetime. They should provide a focal point in the landscape and work nicely with the surroundings. The most pleasing retaining walls are made from materials that compliment the home as well as the other landscape design elements and look nice with the overall picture. Different sized stones throughout the wall can provide a more interesting look and feel, but for some home profiles, the right choice is a retaining wall constructed of uniform blocks or brick.  These walls can become the highlight of the yard if done right. You can have both larger sized walls, or smaller more ornamental walls that allow you to block of certain areas and create different ‘rooms’ throughout the yard.

Questions to Ask Your Landscape Designer

As you’re working with your professional landscape company on installation of a retaining wall, here are some questions you may want to ask:  

  • Do I need the structure of a retaining wall or do you suggest I just have one put in for looks?
  • Is a lot of work required to put the wall in?
  • What is the type of wall that you would recommend for my particular landscape?
  • Is there a certain cap that you use for the wall that might work better than others?
  • Do you get the permits to do this in my yard, or should I go and get them?
  • What is the cost of putting one of these walls in?
  • What is you recommendation for the size of the wall?
  • Will you use plants and other shrubs to compliment the wall?
  • What veneer, stone, or brick do you recommend for the wall?

Architectural Landscape Design is here to help you choose the right retaining wall that fits your landscape and purpose. We have built many of these structures to match the homes beautifully and provide the right look in the yard. You can have your yard assessed and then find outwhat it will take to have one of these beautiful walls built and placed in your yard.