Easy-to-Care-For and Hard-to-Kill House Plants

While our Minneapolis outdoor area garden season is drawing to a close, we can bring our love of growing things indoors.  Houseplants offer a bit of color to a home and freshen the air at the same time. However, since they require some degree of upkeep, some people are intimidated by their care. Bob Vila’s page hosts a slide show of some low maintenance options in a slide show of five hard to kill plants.

The list includes classics like spider plants and African Violets, but it also has multi-use plants like aloe vera. In addition to being very pretty and low maintenance, it’s also well known as a remedy for quick wound healing. Break off a tip, apply the natural gel to a minor burn and feel the pain dissipate. Delicate looking plants like orchids and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue also make an appearance.