Do You Want To Extend the Outdoor Enjoyment in Your MN Yard?

With the season starting to change and the nights beginning to become cool and crisp, we are once again reminded that fall is here in Minnesota.

As fall approaches, we find some of our landscape design clients are asking about how to extend their time spent outdoors.  One of the best was to do that is gathered around a nice warm fire pit or an outdoor fireplace.

While many people believe that the summer months during the year are the time for outdoor entertaining and relaxing, the fall months are perfect for getting together with friends and family outdoors.

Architectural Landscaping Design offers everything you will need in order to create that cozy outdoor room that you have always dreamed of – from items such as fire pits to pergolas.  And we can also make excellent recommendations on the type of furniture that would complement your ideal outdoor room.

Have a Place for Fire in the Yard

Fire pits as well as outdoor fireplaces are obvious choices when thinking about extending your outdoor season time here in the Minneapolis area.  As the nights become cooler, you can see why a fire pit or fireplace would be a great way to enhance the features of your yard as well as a great way to relax with friends and family sitting around a nice, warm fire enjoying great conversation.

Pergolas for Coverage

Adding a pergola to your yard will provide you with shelter that will enhance your landscaping as well as protect you from the wind, falling, leaves, sun, and even those late fall snowflakes.  Since it will protect you somewhat from snow as well,   why not hang out by that new fire pit during the winter months too, extending that outdoor time even longer.  There are many fabulous reasons why people love pergolas, but the way they will complete your landscaping as they tie everything together is one of our favorites.

If saying good-bye to summer means the end of outdoor fun at your house, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design to find exactly what is needed in your space to extend the usage over the different seasons. It can be ideal to have the right items that work with you, your yard and your family.

By the way, as you’re planning for fall outdoors, make sure that you know how to protect your yard against the damage that the harsh winter might bring.