Designing the Perfect Garden

Many people go out to the local garden center every spring, purchase a lot of expensive plants, go home, and invest the labor to arrange their garden the way they think they want it, but somehow in the end, they are not happy with it. Somehow, someway, something was lost in translation. It looked great at garden center had it, so why doesn’t yours?
Well there are many element that go into good design and one is a factor called ‘shape’. There is geometry to landscape design that professionals are taught, and it has everything to do with the rest of your yard. Not just the boundaries of the garden, but the height, depth, balance, color, and of course what types of plants, and when will they bloom. All these things add up to create a unique 3-D space that fits in with everything else around it. Plants alone don’t make a great garden; the right plants, in the right place do. Similar to partitioning a large room with clusters of furniture, defining your garden’s shape and personality will give it that unique look that will make the most of the available sun, water, and visual appeal.
It is important to get a vision for your garden, surfing Google Images to learn what is available in the gardening world is a great place to start coming up with ideas of your own. Another option would be to contact a professional landscaper and get their opinion about what would work best in your yard.
Working with a professional will open your eyes to many possibilities such as adding water and walkways to your landscaping design. Outdoor kitchens can also be easily added to almost any space outdoors, adding valuable living space to an established home. Many of these additions can be added to the homes existing electric panels and can be run from one central location, making the use of these spaces simple and effective.
 While working with Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design you will have the opportunity to get the advice of trained horticulturalists that spend all their time coming up with ways to make people’s dream come true. If you think this is the year to transform your backyard into something special, give us a call and let us show you what the possibilities are. 952-292-7717