Is a Deck or Patio Better For You?

Here in the Minneapolis area we really enjoy the outdoors in warmer weather.  Are you having trouble finding the right spot in your yard to relax and entertain this summer?  If not, perhaps it’s time to make some changes to your landscaping.  

There are so many different options for outdoor designs and usable space. Choosing the right options for you and your home is essential. However, one of the most important decisions that homeowners have to make is whether or not a deck or patio is the best for them.  After all, its this space that will be the focus of most of your outdoor activities.

Here are the top deciding factors that you should consider for each choice:

Decks :  Pros and Cons

The value of a home can increase when there is more usable outdoor space. A lot of homeowners will also settle for a smaller square footage inside the home if there is functional room to use on the outside.

Decks are generally a more affordable option than patios. While you could choose the most expensive materials at the highest quality possible, the labor costs will always be lower since it takes less time to construct and put together a deck.

You have more options when it comes to putting a deck in your yard since it is above ground. You can go over uneven terrains, tree roots and even rocky areas when placing a deck in the yard. This gives you almost unlimited options without having to do excavating and grading.

The average lifespan of a well cared-for deck is around 10 to 12 years. However, with increasing technology in the market, decks are able to last much longer with pressure treated wood and waterproof stains that can be placed on the decks.  Decks can now be built from composite materials that will outlive wood.

The return on investment for a deck is close to 90%, which surpasses all other outdoor renovations on the market.

There is a downside with a deck, however; the maintenance and upkeep is usually more than for a patio.  Also, decks aren’t the best base for a fire feature since they’re not very fire resistant.

Here are some ways to make your deck more your own when installed on your home.

Patios:  Pros and Cons

You can enjoy most of your outdoor activities when you have a patio in the backyard. Though its not as cost effective as a deck, it does provide you with a 12% return on investment when it comes to selling your home.

They do cost a decent amount to have done since there is a lot of installation costs, but a well built patio is able to last for 25 years or more with the proper maintenance. That means your patio will last more than twice as long as a deck.  Also, they are resistant to rot, mold, wear and tear and even pests that come into the yard.

Patios are also very versatile. They can be made with retaining walls and designed in multi-level configurations.  The stone used can be repeated in other landscape elements throughout your yard, such as pergola pillars, outdoor kitchen surrounds, walkways, stairs, and more.

If you’ve got the ‘hots’ for an outdoor fire feature like a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, a patio is a better solution than a deck, since your patio won’t catch fire.

Patios are also visually appealing at the end of the day when all is said and done. This is what makes them a top choice for multiple homeowners in the area.

While there is some digging required in putting in the footings for a deck, generally there is much more excavation and grading work required for a patio, which makes its per-square-foot cost higher than a deck.

When you’re considering either a deck or a patio as the base for a new outdoor room, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We can create the perfect outdoor space with the right design in the Minneapolis area. Call us today to learn more.  We are a licensed Minneapolis landscape design, installation, and maintenance contractor.