Daylight Savings Lights Up the Night Time & Outdoor Enjoyment

The introduction of daylight savings time means we’ll have less light in the evening that means more opportunity for late afternoon or nighttime enjoyment outdoors.  The days will become shorter and the sunlight will leave us earlier. But you can still enjoy your outdoor enjoyment and living rooms.

Homeowners are extending their living spaces by adding outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and brick ovens so they have a warm place to enjoy during the cold months. If you’re outside in the afternoon on a autumn or winter sunny day you may want to start your brick oven taking it slow so it heats evenly and doesn’t suffer from heating up too fast. If you’re building up the fire over the space of an hour that offers a lot of time to be enjoying a fire pit or fire table. You can be enjoying your outdoor living space if you have one. If you don’t planning an outdoor sports cave or entertainment area can become a fall or winter activity.

Creating a paver patio with a fire pit can be a social center for your family. Or building a fire table that you can sit around while bundled up on outdoor furniture can offer options to still enjoy the warmth of a sunny autumn day or an activity for the family and kids. Having an adjacent fireplace with outdoor furniture surrounding the fire pit and by the fireplace can give you a place to watch TV on a big screen above a fireplace. You can add a mini bar cooking space and a sink that you can use when firing up the grill on a cool fall or winter evening. It’s not too late to curl up on a sofa and sit by a roaring fire in the fire pit and fireplace. You can add low voltage lighting that lights the path and lanterns into the walls to light up your path.

Helping Minneapolis area residents enjoy their yards year-round is what we do.  Ideas such as these can contribute to the pleasure you find in your landscaping.