Custom Uses for Custom Pergolas and Pavilions

Add a pergola or gazebo to your yard if you love the look and want to enhance your outdoor space. A pergola or a pavilion serves numerous purposes, whether it is to provide shade or a place you wish to congregate with your family and friends. This regular fixture in outdoor landscapes is famous for many reasons. Whether you have a commercial or residential space, outdoor structures add a degree of beauty to your space.

Pergolas Versus Pavilions

Before determining uses for a custom pergola or pavilion, it is best to first define these features. A pergola is defined by its open roof with crisscrossing slats. Typically, these are rectangular in shape. Some people add vines to the top of pergolas to give more shade and coverage to the space.

Pavilions have a solid roof design with a slope, just like a traditional house. Space is enclosed by a roof but open on the sides, only held up by beams. Just like pergolas, pavilions are typically rectangular.

Both of these structures are commonly used for outdoor furniture and seating. Families and friends regularly entertain underneath either pergolas or pavilions. These are ideal for food, conversation, parties, and even playing games. Instead of sitting around an indoor table, why not move to an outdoor table?

Pergolas As an Entryway

Small pergolas are easy to build right above a garden gate. A small pergola which is the width of the gate is easy to add and provides a unique entrance. Whether the door on your garden is rustic or traditional, it looks good above or in front of any sort of gate (whether there is a fence or not).

Added to Walkways

Placing a pergola that is long over a walkway adds a unique visual element to a large outdoor space. Overhead beams add shadows, and it serves as a visual connector between your house and your garden.

Pavilions also serve this same purpose if your yard is always bright. A shaded walkway serves a functional purpose for convenience and easily doubles as a place to congregate when you want to host friends.

Pergolas and Pavilions for Weddings

Outdoor weddings are a classic way to have a relaxed celebration with family and friends. Commercial and residential properties can do well with the addition of a pergola or pavilion for use with a wedding. If you are adding this feature to a wedding, be sure to consider the size of the structure. Pavilions tend to accommodate receptions while pergolas do well for ceremonies.

Placement Near the Pool

Traditionally, you’ll see a pergola or pavilion next to a long pathway or in the middle of a yard or grassy area. Instead of following this traditional placement, add it near a pool. There are people that will appreciate the shade while next to the pool, enjoy eating there and get out of the sun on the brightest of days.

Before you add this feature to your outdoor space, consider how you wish to use it and where to place it. Try a different shape, focus on design, and consult with a professional about his or her opinion.