Creating A Beautiful Holiday Scene

With Halloween not too far away, many people in the retail business may be thinking about the other holidays. A beautiful display for the holiday season is easy when you hire a professional that has your best interests in mind. If you have a home or business that you want to light up for the holidays, then you have come to the right place to get ideas and get started planning.

Greenery And Garlands

What would the holidays be without festive garlands and greenery? This is a great thing to consider for light posts, around doorways, windows, and more. Garlands can have LED lights added to add a lot of holiday charm. This is one of the most classic ways to decorate for the holidays. ALD can provide and install a variety of holiday greenery to meet your unique home or business. Bringing out the best of your home is not hard with the right garland and festive lights.

LED Lighting

While landscape lighting can help make icy walkways or paths a lot safer and increase the security level around your home or business, they can also be a wonderful way to decorate for the holidays. LED lighting offers superior performance, reliability, and light over the older bulbs that have a tendency to need to be replaced on a regular basis. No one wants bulbs to burn out during the middle of the holiday season! This is especially true when you have areas decorated that are high up and difficult to reach.

LED lighting will last for many years of use if stored properly. The main cause of LED failure is if an object hits a bulb and breaks it. This is very rare and is not a major cause for concern.

Subtle Vs Over The Top

Of course, your holiday display can be as much or as little as you want. If you just want a nice display for your home, then some garland and tasteful lights may be all you need. Those in the world of business or who take part in events like a holiday parade of homes may want several displays and more lighting. ALD has experience creating displays that meet a wide variety of needs and styles.

Churches and those that like more religious displays may want to consider accent lighting for figures and statues that play a role in the display. Department and retail stores may want more brightly colored and traditional displays to attract busy parents.

Safer Holiday Displays

A professional like ALD makes sure that all lights are performing as they should. We have the necessary equipment to install holiday displays safely and efficiently. We are used to being on ladders and scaffolding. This means you don’t have to struggle several times a year to put of a few strands of lights. In the time it takes a lot of people to do a very small display, we can have a home or business standing out from the crowd.

Reduced Hassle And Clutter

No one wants to be that house that still has holiday decorations up come February. ALD offers timely removal services and will store your holiday display décor until you want us to put it up next year. This means you don’t have to store everything in your garage or in valuable business space until you need it next. Plus think about how much hassle you will save when it comes to maintenance. When you choose a pro, you know that you will always have a working and functional holiday display year after year.

Pre-Lit And Decorated Trees

ALD doesn’t just do outside holiday displays. We can take care of your indoor display needs as well. Pre-lit and decorated trees can be installed both inside and out. This means you get a professionally designed tree, not a Hodge podge of whatever ornaments are on sale.

Your biggest concern when it comes to trees is how large of a tree you want and what type of holiday style or atmosphere are you going for. Nature themed trees may include ornaments such as song birds, pine cones, and more whereas traditional trees might have a more St Nick and reindeer theme.


Storing, installing, maintaining, removing, etc., all take time and money. ALD has the resources and facilities to take care of all of this for you. While you buy your initial displays, this décor will last for many years.

This is especially true when you consider how much damage is caused by holiday décor being installed improperly, stored wrong, or left up for far longer than it should be. Any holiday décor is going to last longer if it is just outside during the actual holiday season instead of 2 months or more after New Year’s has come and gone.

Getting The Holiday Look You Always Wanted

The sooner you start planning your holiday décor, the better. ALD doesn’t just specialize in larger holidays like Christmas either. We can take care of Halloween or Thanksgiving displays as well. Just let us know what great ideas you have been kicking around and we will help you develop them into reality and maybe make a few suggestions to make them better than you might have ever thought they could be.

Taking a look at some décor ideas online can help you get started thinking about what you want to achieve with your holiday décor. If you have some lighting, displays, etc. already purchased that you would like to use then, please let us know. Existing décor can be worked into more elaborate displays.