Covered Structures Create Seclusion from Spring to Fall

A garden filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers and a lawn can be quite delightful. Edith Wharton, the noted American author lived most of her life in Europe. She noted that in Italy, “the grounds were as carefully and conveniently planned as the house,” and that “the old Italian garden was meant to be lived in-a use to which, at least in America, the modern garden is seldom put.” There has been a growing trend in America to landscapes that are more similar to the Italian way Ms. Wharton described.

One of the most dependable ways to attain the essential atmosphere of privacy that she was noted is using covered garden structures. They lend the garden a special sense that invites people in. Now any type of roof like structure can be attached to the house to make shade, create privacy, provide shelter from wind and rain during the summer, spring, fall, and winter. A completely closed overhead structure can protect you from rain and snow. An overhead structure that is partially open, say with a lattice work can offer ventilation and a sense of privacy with vines growing over it.

The simplest of overhead structures is the trellis that just extends from the rafters of the house out. It offers a sense of shelter, seclusion and secrecy. If you put vines on it, it will soon be covered. The most popular is an overhead structure that covers the patio deck that is next to the house.

When it comes to the spacing of the rafters it is good to know what the sun exposure is for that space, what the wind or breeze possibilities are, and what kind of privacy is available. Our landscape designers and landscape architects at our MN landscape company are experienced in assessing locations, and creating effective designs for covered structures that will do the best in combining nature, art, and landscape in your yard. Call 952-292-7717.