Courtyard Spaces: A Great Way to Create A Microclimate and Make Use of Smaller Spaces

A courtyard garden is a truly an outdoor room. They have been in existence for centuries starting with the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. An outdoor room can be used as a focal point and gathering spot. It is space that is surrounded by colonnaded walls or fences.

Try imagining what one would look like if you built it. There would probably be a fountain in the central part of it. They help to offer outside air conditioning by lowering the temperature a few degrees. The walls would have trellises where climbing plants would grow surrounded by sweetly scented flowers. There would be flowers that are only night-blooming flowers. Big potted plants of citrus fruits like oranges and Meyers lemons would grow and be grouped together. The walls would be whitewashed and some pergola or arch would have seating under it to shade you from the midday sun.

You may not get all of those things today. But you can build a courtyard or enclosed space that offers much of the drama and elegance of courtyards of old. If you have a limited space that doesn’t seem to be doing much for you, contact our MN designers we will help you evaluate it.

It is actually an add-on in terms of space since a courtyard is basically a box without a lid. You are able to use it for storage of outside equipment and sports equipment. It also offers extended living space as it flows from your house. Because of the whitewashed walls and lack of windows you can create a microclimate that extends your growing season or simply gives you the opportunity to grow things. You can start a garden with big pots and grow dwarf stocks that have been created just for this use. One of the best things is the smaller the space the smaller the maintenance required.

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