Controlling the Algae in Your MN Backyard Pond

Ponds can be a beautiful outdoor feature to have, but they might prove to be difficult with the many problems that arise when you have one. One of these problems is when algae forms. It forms and spreads quickly and can be dangerous to any life living within the pond. It is very important that you know how to control this algae so it doesn’t spread or harm anything within the pond. Keep your pond fresh and beautiful.

Keep Your Pond Clean:  04apr21g7f14It is ideal to place your pond in partial shade but this has to be arranged when the construction of the pond is being done. The shade is something that can decrease the ability of the algae and slow the growth. However, if your pond is already installed in the direct sun, make sure to regularly clean the pond using a garden brush or rake.

Use Water Lilies to Control Pond Algae:  If you cover at least half of the pond with water lilies, you can decrease algae production while also making the pond look beautiful. They use the same nutrients that algae use to survive, so they will control the problem of having the algae thrive within the pond.

Koi Fish Can Keep a Pond Clean:  These fish are able to maintain the natural pond cycle but you shouldn’t put too many in either. You want to ensure that it is a good amount, not too many but not too little. The size of the pond will determine how many fish you will need. As a general rule – 5 fish to 25 gallons.

Pond Bacteria and Barley Straw:  The best way to deal with a problem such as this is by using a nutrifying bacteria that will be able to starve out the bacteria from the water. This will ultimately kill them over time. This however, is not going to kill all of the algae off since it will live in the filters, plants and rocks throughout the pond. Adding barley straw to the water can also help to kill off the algae.

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