Container Garden Design Ideas

Now that the leaves have fallen and garden beds have been cleaned out and readied for a winter nap, it’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch and make plans for the plants in your yard next spring.

May we suggest container gardening? 

More and more homeowners are turning to this lower maintenance option to have flowers and foliage plants in their yards without all the work that comes along with garden beds.

Container gardening is also the perfect solution for the homeowner that has very limited space to work with.  Many plants that you would not think of can actually grow very well within a container; this includes vegetables fruit-bearing plants as well as ornamental species.  These plants can later be transplanted into the ground if you desire. This gives even the most urban homeowner a chance to be able to enjoy the serenity and charms that living plants bring to yard.

Container Garden Ideas

Container gardens may not seem as pleasing as having an actual soil garden, but if there is a chance to have greenery around your home at all, why not take advantage of it?  You can still enjoy those small trees and even grow fruit in large containers right from the privacy of your own porch, deck or patio.

One fantastic aspect of having a container garden is that it is mobile; you will be able to move your garden from place to place any time you feel it is necessary.  Or you can move things around when the redecorating bug hits you.  And the next time you’re entertaining on your patio, bring in some of those flower pots to easily add color.

The only down side to having a container garden is that you may find yourself with just too many containers.  This is when watering and taking care of your container garden may become tedious, but on the other hand if you consider yourself to be a seasoned and dedicated gardener, this will not become an issue for you.  And keep in mind that container gardens generally don’t require weeding, so they are much easier to care for.

Container gardens make fantastic entryway and porch decorations, They also can give an urban garden look when they are placed around walls or along your patio’s edge.  You can group a few pots in different sized containers together to get a more dramatic effect.

Another advantage to having a container garden is that it is a controlled environment. Your plants are confined to the space of the pot, so there will be no spreading out and taking over an adjacent area.

If you’re new to container gardening and need some help, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design.  We often add container plantings to our custom landscape designs because they’re versatile and easy to care for.  Check out our Pinterest board – Container Planting Ideas – and get some inspiration.