Consider Some of These Flowers for Your Spring Garden

The snow is finally melting and the weather’s finally warming up. Although the ground is still too hard to work, gardeners all over Minnesota are itching to get out and play in their yards. Although digging may not be a realistic activity yet, there’s no reason why we can’t start plotting flowers to plant.

Available in many sizes and colors, there is probably a type of heather that will fit your gardening needs. If you need a border, think about an upright type, while spreading varieties work as lovely borders.

Asiatic Lilies
To get these beauties blooming, plant them sooner rather than later, and be sure to put them in well -drained soil. Outside of those two simple steps, all that’s left to do is enjoy the gorgeous blooms when they add color to your home’s landscaping.

This aromatic shrub is a classic garden edition. It tends to be a little on the fussy side, but the large blooms and lovely scent make up for the extra effort. For a healthy plant, make sure to adjust your soil’s pH to between 5.0 and 6.0.

To add these low maintenance blooms to your plantings, start them in a peat pot a few weeks before growing season starts. Once the last frost has passed, just plant the pot and let the bright colors cheer you up.

Although you will need to remove deadheads on a relatively regular basis, snapdragons are tough enough to resist a few frosts. Since they’re so hardy, you can put them in before the last frost rolls through. Their bright colors are perfect for containers, borders and beds.

There’s no harm in starting your flowers early in the warmth of your home. Just be sure to plant them in conditions they’ll do well in once it’s time to move them out doors.

 Colorful, fragrant, and unique flowers in well-planned beds can give your landscape (and your spirits) a beautiful boost.  If yours needs a lift and you’re not sure where to start or have questions about what would work for your lot, consult a professional landscape designer.