Commercial Landscape Lighting in Minneapolis

 If you run a business, then you know how challenging it can be to attract your customers’ attention. With so many buildings along a commercial street, making yours stand out is just one of the challenges of getting ahead. One easy way to make your business stand out is to add some outdoor lighting. Simple up-lights added to your building’s exterior will grab anyone’s attention, even if you are not open. There is something about driving by a building that is lit up at night; it makes people remember to stop by the next time they are nearby.

 These lights can be hardwired into the buildings existing electric panel, or set up to store solar energy in batteries. Either way, a relatively small initial investment will pay off big in the long run. Even an older building seems to come alive with the proper lighting shining on it.

 There was an artist who was not anything special really, he could paint but it was nothing out of the ordinary. At least until he started adding some lights to his frames. He would paint a picture of a house in the woods, but make one window very bright as if someone was inside. This one simple addition to his drab paintings made him a sensation almost overnight. People are drawn to light, so by adding some to your commercial business will only improve your standing in the community.

 Spot lights, up-lights, walk way lights, a bright lamp post, there are so many ways accent your place of business it takes an experienced landscaper to help you wade through all the options. Proper landscaping and lighting will define a space and send the message that ‘this place is well taken care of, if you do business here, you will get taken care of, too.’

 Make sure you are taking the lead when it comes to presenting your business to the community. Do everyone a favor and light up your life so others will be drawn to you. Call us at Minneapolis’ Architectural Landscape Design to learn more about what we can do for you. 952-292-7717