Constructing an Outdoor Gathering Spot for Cold Weather Months

There’s nothing more frustrating than creating a beautiful yard for you and your family to enjoy, only for winter to roll around quicker than you expected and having it force you inside. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to stay inside all winter long, and if you create a comfortable gather spot outdoors, you can use it throughout the year.

Ideally, this gathering spot will allow you to spend mornings, afternoons and evening late evenings outside whether it’s for relaxation or even to eat. However, to achieve this, you need to think carefully about how you can fight back against the elements without wrapping yourself in two layers of ski coats and thick winter boats!

Deciding What You Want to Achieve

Before you can start planning and buying the right items you first need to determine precisely what it is that you want to achieve. The perfect outdoors spot might be different to you than others, and your families needs will dictate that. For many of us, we want a few comfortable seats and a place to play catch, while for others it might be necessary to have a dining table and a central focus point.

Building a Fire Pit

In almost all cases, the best way for you to create an outdoor gathering spot for the cold winter months is to install a fire pit. They can differ massively in size, price, and effectiveness, but many of them are glorified fireplaces which can be made out of stone and other tough materials so that despite being outside they can survive for years.

The purpose of a fire pit if threefold, they offer you a gorgeous focal point, warm heat during the cold and outdoor light so that you do not need harsh LED lighting. Plus, they are probably far cheaper to build than you might imagine. Fire pits provide a considerable amount of heat, especially if you can burn both coal and wood with them to maximize the heat output.

Overall, a single large fire pit can generate enough warmth to keep your whole family warm even if you are many feet from it. Plus, if you live in a wooded area, you can make use of the timber that falls in and around your property rather than disposing of it or giving it to others.

Installing Space Heaters

If you’re not interested in a fire pit or it’s not providing enough heat, you might consider installing a space heater. These electric or gas devices are tremendous because they offer a tremendous amount of heat and with their umbrella design you can stand and sit under them closely to maximize the warmth.


Again, space heaters are far cheaper than you would expect and one or two is plenty for the average family. Whether you’re popping outside quickly or staying out there for more extended periods of time, a space heater can warm up quickly and provide you enough heat so that you can still enjoy December like you would July.

Blocking Out the Wind

But it’s not just the temperature that can ruin the outdoors, it’s also the wind, and if you’re on an open property, it can be particularly brutal. To prevent this, you need to install a separation that can partition you from the airflow and allow you to enjoy the evening. To do this you can use a fence, which is a fantastic option, but you might also consider curtains outdoors.

While fences can be longer lasting and sometimes more effective, outdoor curtains can be quickly moved and hidden when they are not in use. Plus, they can give your outdoor gathering spot more of a homely feel rather than separating you from the world as a fence solution would.

Both fences and outdoor curtains are relatively affordable, and if you want to use your yard throughout the colder months for entertaining or relaxation, they are practically a necessity. When combined with a fire pit or a space heater, you can end up with a comfortable, warm and homely environment that will make you long for the winter like never before.