Circular Brick Patio Rooms Provide Emphasis

One of the nicest things any backyard can have is an inviting place right off of the house that provides a place to sit, dine, relax, read or entertain. You want it to feel private and warm and inviting. Brick pavers are one of the most versatile products to use because they can be installed in so many unique ways that reflect your personal tastes, lifestyle, and emphasize areas or things that are unique to your backyard.

You may have a lovely old tree that casts some dappled shade on your yard. Right now that dappled shade results in poor growing grass, muddy areas, and an ongoing maintenance problem. A circular designed brick patio that starts at the base of the tree and keeps goes out in one large circle after another will provide a focal point of interest, eliminate the grass growing and maintenance issues. You can add different types of stone in the circular brick to add emphasis.

Planting beds made out of the brick surrounding the circular patio by creating retaining walls and seats on top of the walls can make this space a patio room for a warm circle for family and friends to gather.

Weathered bricks that have rougher surfaces will create more of an informal look. Brick that is smooth and clearly defined will add a more formal look. You can direct the look of the patio by providing space between the bricks for plantings for a more informal look or setting the stones closely together so there is little shifting and no plantings between them. When laying brick patios, brick walkways or brick sidewalks a firmly tamped soil and a drainable base of gravel is critical for the longevity of your patio.

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