Choosing the Right Materials For Your Driveways and Walkways

As you’re out shoveling your sidewalk and your driveways, you may have thoughts of re-doing some of your hardscapes next spring.  Perhaps you’re in the mood to add a unique look to your landscape, or you just want a change.  There are may options to consider, and here is some basic information to help you choose.

Add color and texture by picking the right materials for your driveway and walkways so the flow between your garden, driveway, and walkway spaces are reflective of your personal taste. Today, there is a breadth of materials that you can use to add architectural hardscape elements to your landscape including concrete, brick, concrete pavers, and natural stone. It’s easy to create a sense of continuity and flow when you create patios, driveways, and walkways with a material you choose that meets your budget and matches your house.

Concrete is always a popular option. Now creating driveways and walkways with concrete pavers is very popular as they are beautiful, durable, and able to handle a lot of weather and wear. They are able to flex with the frost and thawing making them a good option for the North country. There is also less cracking because the pavers are flexible as they interlock. Pavers offer a lot of options with their different sizes, shapes, and textures. A big plus is if there are any problems that require getting to the ground beneath them it requires little time or trouble to excavate them. They are merely lifted out and replaced later.

Another option is quarried stone, which includes granite and slate. It can be shaped by cutting and splitting. Stone is one of the most expensive paving materials. It varies though depending on the area of the country that you are in. Various colors are options depending on where you are purchasing them. Stone can range from rough limestone all the way to elegant marble.

Gravel is often used in conjunction with concrete and natural stone. It is easy to install and can be used in informal landscapes for walkways. It often is used for smaller budget landscaping plans where it fills a need and provides a function at a reasonable cost.

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