Choosing the Right Furniture for Outdoors in Minneapolis MN

Now that you have gotten through most of the winter, you might be thinking about the warm weather ahead and being able to enjoy the outdoors once again. Considering the furniture that is available for you to add t0 your garden or backyard setting is essential. You want to sit, be comfortable, and actually enjoy the weather that is on its way. Without the right furniture for the outdoors, you’re not going to be able to do this.  But you also want to make sure the furniture you choose fits in with your overall landscape design.

02feb10h8a14Today, you’re able to get a wide assortment of lawn furniture to fit every taste and budget. However, one might not be a good choice for you over another.

Considering the different types of furniture is essential in finding out which ones might look the best with your surroundings. One of the first tips that is given before you head out to hunt for the right outdoor furniture is to ensure that you take a nice long look at the yard that you have. You want something that is going to work well with it and not look out of place. This can be known as assessing the situation. Then evaluate these main aspects.

Consider These Factors When Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your MN Yard

  • Weather Resistance: Unless you plan on covering it or storing it under cover when the weather turns, you also want to ensure that the furniture is able to hold up to rain and other storms that might blow through Minnesota so you do not have to worry about replacing your patio furniture each year.
  • Shape, Color, and Texture:  Think about the color and shapes that you find in your yard. You may want contrasting colors that make your landscape design stand out even more than it already does. This is your chance to add some vivid colors and liven up your yard.  Or perhaps you want something that blends in with the surroundings and looks natural.
  • Size and Scale: You should choose furniture that matches the size of the trees and shrubs so it does not look too small in the setting, or look like it is taking up too much room by being too large for the outdoor area.


All of these are important aspects to consider when it comes to your landscape and backyard. Whether you’re going for a more modern look or a uniquely your own look, there is something out there for you.

Custom natural stone furniture is also offered through Architectural Landscape Design. Each piece is made just for you, your landscape and your needs. You want to have something that is uniquely yours, this would be the way to go when it comes to adding something unique and something that adds to the look and feel of your backyard.  We are landscape designers that serve the greater Minneapolis metro area and surrounding Twin Cities area, and we have our own line of custom-crafted stone furniture if you’re looking for something that is unique yet natural.  If you’ve got questions about choosing the right outdoor furniture for your space, give us a call at 952-292-7717.