Choosing Plants: How A Designer Sees Plants

The last step in landscape planning is choosing the plants. Choosing plants correctly is key to a great landscape. Think of the types of plants you need based on function. Maybe you need a tree to anchor a border, a vine to climb a fence, and a ground cover for a slope where grass doesn’t grow.
Planting the right combination of plants in the right place is complex. A common problem with planting is when the wrong type of plant is picked for the wrong function so it underperforms. Another common problem is not considering what the mature size of a plant will be or the size that you can easily and willing maintain it.
It doesn’t matter how beautiful a plant fits into a space or how beautiful its flowers are if it struggles to grow because the light and water and soil aren’t right.
Our landscape designers know our local MN plants. They can help you pick the right plants based on your interests and maintenance plans.
So how do Landscape Designers chose the right type of plants? There are different types of plants that perform different functions. Their training and experience covers the different categories and their specific uses.
Specimen plants are used sparingly, and are placed in prominent positions to make them stand out and attract attention.
Accent plants differ from the plants around them, but the contrast is more subtle than with specimen plants.
Corner plants are used at the corners of the house to blend the vertical line of the walls with the horizontal plane of the ground.
Foundation plants are used to attract attention to the front door of the house.
Entrance plants are used to direct visitors and welcome them to the entrance, like a grouping of container plants with a lot of color.
Border plants divide and define spaces in the yard. A border is usually taller in the back and center and lower towards the front and ends.
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