Choosing Furniture for Your MN Backyard

Do you enjoy spending time in your yard? 

Relaxing in the backyard is ideal, but without the right furniture, you might find that relaxation is not something that comes easily. The furniture that you choose should fit your landscaping design, the look of your home, and also your lifestyle. Do not to forget that comfortable furniture is a must when it comes to helping with relaxation in your own space.

So why are we talking about outdoor furniture now in that it’s winter here in Minnesota? 

Because this is the perfect time to start planning for the warm weather ahead.  Plus, in January many stores bring out their stock of patio furniture from the past season and put it on clearance to make way for the new stuff that’s coming in.  You can get some great deals.  And buying now means you’ll be ready for those first warm days outdoors.

When selecting outdoor furniture, think about the following:

These are the basic questions you should ask yourself before you select any outdoor furniture.

  • Is your patio or lawn covered? If your space is covered you have more options.  But if it’s out in the open you’ll want to choose fabrics and frame material that won’t be damaged by sun or rain.
  • On average, how many people do you entertain in your yard?  You’ll want sufficient seating for your guests. 
  • Is there an area where you are able to store your lawn furniture if it rains or when it gets cold?  If you have storage space for when the bad weather hits, that gives you more flexibility in terms of materials.  But you should also ask yourself if you want to mess with moving furniture every time a storm threatens.  Covers are also an option.
  • What is your budget?  This is probably the first question you should ask – we put it at the end of our list because it might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still an important consideration. 


Consider the cost as well as durability when choosing patio furniture:

These are two crucial factors when you are considering purchasing outdoor furniture for your yard.  Cost of course is important, but don’t confuse inexpensive with cheap. The furniture that you choose should be able to withstand all the season changes that accompany your geographical area, and quality often correlates with price.

If your budget is limited, consider plastic or resin.  Plastic furniture is not only durable, but it is cost effective. It is immune to climate changes, from the cold winters to the hotter summers. However, in extremely cold weather some plastics or resins can become brittle, so you’ll need to be careful about moving or bumping it when it’s really cold.

Aluminum offers many of these same features along with a nicer, more polished look and isn’t susceptible to breaking like plastic is.  However, aluminum furniture does get a little more expensive than plastic furniture.

Wood and iron furniture should be considered an investment.  These options cost more than plastic or aluminum and will require more upkeep, but they provide a nicer look for any backyard.

For the ultimate in outdoor furniture, consider natural stone.  It’s durable plus it requires virtually no care.  It generally is the most expensive option, but it will last the longest.

Consider outdoor furniture maintenance needs:

Wrought iron does require you to do regular maintenance (painting) in order for it to resist any climate changes.  Iron furniture will last you indefinitely when it is properly maintained. Wood furniture is very similar in its maintenance requirements when it comes to oiling and staining. However, for ease of maintaining the furniture, and to save you time, plastic furniture can provide a maintenance free appeal. There are some cast resins that resemble real wood but don’t need the care.  It might not last as long as the other options, though.

Here are some other great ideas for outdoor furniture!

If you’re searching for outdoor furniture, check out our custom made natural stone furniture that can withstand any element, requires minimal to no maintenance to keep it looking great and provides a unique element that you cannot find in other yards.

ALD is a licensed MN landscaping contractor, and in addition to landscape design and installation, we also offer custom-designed natural stone outdoor furniture.