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Why Outdoor Rooms Are A Must For Active Families

Did you know 20 minutes outdoors is as energizing as a cup of coffee? It’s true – scientists have found that daily outdoor time gives people more energy, provides much-needed doses of Vitamin D, and offers immune system benefits. An outdoor room can be one of the best investments active families can make. It’s good for your health, great for your mind, and smart for your wallet. Here are some proven benefits any homeowner can get from an outdoor room. Stress Reduction Outdoor rooms are excellent for stress reduction and unwinding after a long day at work. Somehow, all of

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This Is The Genius Way To Plan Your Outdoor Room

Outdoor room planning can be insanely overwhelming. Why that is so may not be evident. Finding the sweet spot that works for you requires doing the one thing people naturally resist: Letting go. Human beings are wired to take control and put everything in order. That’s what architectural landscape design is all about. It’s placing a hand on Nature to make it work for a particular property and the people that inhabit or visit it. The challenge is finding the right balance of open and closed, light and dark, cool and warm, and wet and dry, to name a few

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Fire Water Table – Add Some Sizzle to Your Property

Entertaining is a passion for many of us and small features in your property can quickly become magnificent or focal when you have twenty or thirty people in your home examining it from top to bottom. But when it comes to an outdoor event, there is nothing that draws attention like a fire water table, not least because of the obscure clash. While fire water tables are more commonly seen in luxury and high-end restaurants, they have been adapted to be used as ornamental and focal points in your home. Typically they are used outdoors for safety, but there’s no

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Why Landscapes Love Fire and Water

The mountain lake scene in the film Forrest Gump, set in Glacier National Park, is a breathtaking moment that Forrest vividly recalls for Jennie. The majestic reflection of the towering mountain against the blazing orange sunrise is just one of many magical qualities that water can bring to a landscape. Just like drops of rain or dew on leaves and petals, water amplifies and accentuates what we appreciate about nature. In addition to its calming effect, water can introduce sounds and rhythms that energize and delight the senses. Of course, the right landscape lighting extends the enjoyment of water into

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Revamp Your Yard With 2018s Top 5 Landscaping Trends

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start thinking about updating your outdoor spaces. If you’re tired of seeing the same boring, conventional landscaping designs in every yard in your neighborhood, it may be time for you to spice things up with some hot new ideas. Here are 5 of the most popular new outdoor living trends that are taking the landscaping world by storm. Fire and Water Features Fire and water may be two of the most contradictory elements on earth, but they exist in perfect harmony in this dramatic new landscaping craze. Whether your tastes

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How Birds Can Brighten Up Your Yard This Coming Winter

Minnesota’s grey sky and snowy white color are undeniably majestic. Still, cabin fever from cold temperatures and short days without much light can make our winter environment feel a bit dreary. Thankfully, nature provides birds to add excitement and a range of lovely hues to help us stave off the winter doldrums. It is spectacular to see the bright red of a cardinal in the deep winter. Proper landscaping and winter preparation of your yard can help attract cardinals and other avian visitors all winter long. Landscape with The Right Trees and Shrubs Trees and shrubs are ideal places for

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