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Your Guide to Rock Waterfalls

Many homeowners look to their backyard for privacy, enjoyment, and a relaxing paradise. As the years have passed, more and more design opportunities have presented themselves to help homeowners reach this from waterfalls and ponds to plant life and rock sculptures. Incorporating a waterfall into your backyard landscaping design is incredibly simple, and there are many resources available on the market today to provide you with inspiration and direction. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or looking for ways to update your current landscaping, consider these tips and benefits when creating a rock waterfall for your backyard, thus creating

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How to Choose a Landscaping Company

  Many homeowners turn to a professional landscaper due to a lack of time, energy, or design skills. Choosing to hire a landscaping company can be intimidating and time-consuming as it’s essential to do thorough research on all candidates to ensure they can efficiently complete your project. Improve your property value and create the home of your dreams by getting professional help with all your landscaping needs. Identify the Amount of Landscaping Needed Before contacting a full-service landscaping company, it’s encouraged to consider how you plan to utilize your space and establish the desired functionality of your outdoor space. This

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This Is How To Have An Outdoor Happy Place

What would it take to have your outdoor living space become your outdoor happy place? You have to make some choices. You start to consider what to add to it and what to take out. This quickly leads to thoughts about getting a new design. What just a minute. Is that the best first step? The answer to that question is yes and no. It all depends on your definition of landscape design. Our process at Architectural Landscape Design, Inc begins with communication and planning. Here’s the short version of how it works. We imagine an aspiring novelist beginning her

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Outdoor Living Spaces: Mapping The Cost of Priceless Lifestyle Experiences

If you are asking about the cost of an outdoor living space or room you will first want to do some discovery.  You can arrive at a meaningful cost by first asking the right questions.  How will outdoor living enhance your lifestyle for the better?  What problems will the right outdoor room solve?  How can a Minnesota homeowner make the most of outdoor living spaces? The honest answer is that outdoor rooms and living spaces are capable of giving you far more than you may have imagined. The possibilities are limitless. This realization is what makes planning and budgeting for

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Outdoor Living Lifestyle Wellness Benefits

The research is pretty clear that our happiness is tied to our relationship with Nature. An outdoor living lifestyle can lead to the loss of anxiety, a boost to the immune system, and profound states of general wellness.  Human beings are meant to be connected with Nature and science backs this up. Maybe you are familiar with the practice of forest bathing, a trend that has been practiced in Japan for decades to help people feel better and live longer.  There are additional wellness benefits if you exercise in Nature, but simply practicing an outdoor lifestyle is enough. The idea

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Installing Your First Waterfall With Stone

So, you’ve finally made up your mind. No more waiting around and no more deliberating — you’re going to build your first waterfall. Where do you start? What rocks should you get? How do you find the right area? There are a ton of questions you’re probably asking yourself; we get it. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We’re here to help make your first waterfall a simple, headache-free process. When you see a waterfall out in nature, they are products of their environment. What this means is that there are nearly infinite sizes and shapes that you might stumble upon while traversing

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