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3 Insider Landscaping Winterization Practices You Should Know

This is the time of year when the usual landscaping winterization practices have been completed. These seasonal routines amount to tidying up the landscape. Leaves are raked and loose branches and debris are picked up. This maintenance clears the deck for one last mowing to give that green canvas a crisp appearance. It’s a celebratory end of the season for homeowners. For professional horticulturists and arborists, this is when plans for springtime success begin. Harsh Minnesota winters can dump a truckload of challenges at ornamental landscapes. Implementing a few insider winterization practices, such as dormant pruning, wind barriers, and snow

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How to Keep Ice from Putting Your Business on the Rocks

With Winter upon us, we face new outdoor challenges. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can create dangerous conditions that put your business at risk. Proper utilization of commercial ice management can help reduce liability by eliminating slip and fall hazards. Snow Management When the weathermen predict a snow storm, we drag out the salt and sand and generously treat our parking lots, steps, and walkways. We dig out the shovels and call in the snow plows. We usually have a plan for snow.  Ironically, it isn’t the snow that presents the biggest liability risk for business owners. The Hidden Risks

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5 Safety Hazards that Result from Poor Snow Removal

As winter progresses and more places are starting to see their first snows of the year; people are reveling in the beauty of snow. It won’t take long for the beautiful snow to lose its appeal to many, especially those who have to commute or be in the snow frequently. The downside to all of the snow is that removal becomes more necessary and safety hazards are more significant when the ground is not clear. Here are five safety hazards that can result from inadequate snow removal. Impaired Vision While Driving When people don’t take the time to remove the snow

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5 Huge Tips for Your Winter Landscape

Winter is coming, and for many of us, it’s already here in full force. Depending on where you live winter can be a brutal experience, or it could mean just a small drop in temperature, but here in Minnesota we usually experience multiple feet of snow yearly. The key to creating and maintaining a beautiful winter landscape is preparation; you need to take the time to prepare your garden for what is about to come. This means arranging things so that maintenance can be done easily and choosing products and plants that make sure that your landscape still looks beautiful

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5 Things to Know Before Signing a Snow Removal Contract for Your Business

With late Fall and Winter just around the corner, you need to start thinking about a snow removal company for your commercial or residential space. Keep your business running, make it safe for your employees to get to work, and allow for your building to be approachable with a snow removal contract. If you are looking for a reliable snow removal contractor, be sure to discuss the following facets of the agreement. 1. Quality of the Snow Removal Service More than anything, before you sign a snow removal contract get to know the quality of work completed by the snow

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Ways to protect Your Yard From Snow and Cold Temperatures

As Summer comes to an end, the people of Minnesota know exactly what is right around the corner. We know that Winter weather in this state tends to begin a few months earlier in the year than in many other states. With this in mind, preparations for maintaining yards for the snow and freezing temperatures to come are ideal to consider before it is too late. While these tips are easy enough for the average homeowner to follow, we provide year-long services to ensure your yard is kept in the appropriate state for the time of year. We know that

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