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How to Choose a Landscaping Company

  Many homeowners turn to a professional landscaper due to a lack of time, energy, or design skills. Choosing to hire a landscaping company can be intimidating and time-consuming as it’s essential to do thorough research on all candidates to ensure they can efficiently complete your project. Improve your property value and create the home of your dreams by getting professional help with all your landscaping needs. Identify the Amount of Landscaping Needed Before contacting a full-service landscaping company, it’s encouraged to consider how you plan to utilize your space and establish the desired functionality of your outdoor space. This

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5 Ways to Save Your House from a Failing Foundation

Home-owners: Maintaining the foundation of your house can save you time, money, and determine the value of your home. It is also an investment in safety. A damaged foundation can be hard to spot. However, foundations that sit on eroded, unstable soil can develop structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. That’s why it’s best to know the signs of a damaged foundation early and your options for repair. Here are a few signs and strategies you can pursue: 1. Check the Foundation of Your House If your home sits on a concrete perimeter, it’s easy to

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Using Hardscaping to put the Finishing Touches on Your Yard

When most people think of designing their yard they think of the lawn. Another thing to look it is what hardscaping elements you can add. Hardscaping are the human-made features used in landscaping. For example, paths, walls, and patios. Achieving a balance between the plants and hardscaping will take your yard to the next level. Finding the Balance The most important aspect of designing hardscaping is finding the balance between hard and soft elements in your yard. Look at your entire space when choosing what features to incorporate. Leave whatever greenery you can. Choose materials that complement your yard and the

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Using Big Stone Boulder Walls to Add Backyard Depth

Boulder walls are just that – an interface made with hardscape, typically oversized stones or boulders. They can be utilized for practical reasons or as a method to accentuate aspects of your backyard. Even though some walls may look like they were just thrown together, a boulder can be surprisingly meticulous to install. But once the stones have settled, most walls do not need much additional maintenance. The Benefits of a Boulder Wall A boulder wall has the potential to add to your home’s value, especially if they’re used as a retaining wall. It adds versatility to the open space

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