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Raise The Value Of Your Minneapolis Home with Extra Landscaping

New homes today are equipped with many luxuries we all long for, including indoor out door kitchens, something not considered a luxury anymore. Many of Architectural landscaping Designs includes features that allow us to enjoy some of the most beautiful summers in the country; wasting this weather indoors has never really been an option for many of us. This is why our Minnesota outdoor living and kitchens designs have become the perfect solution to getting the most out of your homes outdoor spaces. Some homeowners are often factoring in the cost of finishing these added benefits right into the existing mortgage so

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Beautiful Landscaping Design and Installation Serving the Burnsville MN Community

 We work hard all week so that we can enjoy our free time. How much sweeter that time off when we have a place to go where we can enjoy it. Many of us are fortunate enough to have our own little sanctuary built right into our back yards; a place where we can go and unwind in the peace and privacy that we like to call ‘the patio’. Architectural Landscape Design Contractor is in the business of creating your perfect space, so that you can escape to it whenever possible, year round. We have a very simple process when

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We Design and Install Outdoor Kitchens in the Twin Cities!

When people think of outdoor kitchens, they think of a basic grill, built into a brick surround. Well, outdoor kitchens in Minnesota have come a long way in recent years, and some of them are even better that the indoor one. Depending on how much you plan on using it, outdoor kitchens can be tailor made to fit any lifestyle, and the options available will give you plenty of ideas to help make that decision. The Asian wok is one particular favorite because it can cook so many things. It can cook, steam, and keep things warm while people are coming

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Mature Landscapes, Trees, Gardens, Stones | Serving Richfield MN

 There are many advantages to owning an older piece of landscape. Trees grown years ago grew up in the wild, subjected to the elements, making them much stronger on a cellular level. New homes rarely have great old trees around them, lending that ambiance of strength and stability. Trees take time to grow, a long time to mature and turn an ordinary house into a home. If you are fortunate enough to have mature landscapes, why not capitalize on them? By carving out distinct garden areas and outdoor spaces, with a welcome patio under a grand old tree, you can easily

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An End to Minnesota Grass Cutting With Expert Landscape Design

Like most homeowners cutting the grass every year, every week is not a favorite activity. If your lot has a steep portion to it, or a wet side, or even a bone dry part that hasn’t seen grass in 20 years, consider a new landscape design, and make much better use of these places one way or another. Why push the lawnmower over it every week when the grass doesn’t improve the design? Consider building a retaining wall on that steep hill, one that provide bench seating, and possibly a small herb garden of potted plants. Transform that wet part of

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Solving Erosion and Slope Problems with Natural Stone and Boulders: Two-Tiered Terraces and Riverbeds

Dealing with a slope or an erosion problem in your yard can cause major issues. A retaining wall constructed of boulders or natural stones may just be the solution. Picture that same slope with a natural stone walkway that leads to a new two-tiered terrace where stone steps take you into a lower area. Awaiting you at the bottom of the steps is a natural stone patio complete with a sitting area and a firepit perfect for entertaining. The tiers are gently curving walls built of boulders or natural stones. The green spaces on each tier are lushly planted with

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