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From St. Paul To Seattle: A Brief History Of Outdoor Holiday Light Displays

The Christmas holiday is replete with an array of rich decorative traditions that go back centuries. From as far back as pre-Christian times, Roman citizens brought branches from evergreen plants indoors during the winter. Nativity scenes became popular in 1223 thanks to St. Francis of Assisi, and by the early 18th century, the now-famous custom of decorating a tree had taken root in Europe. These days however, outdoor holiday lights adorning homes all over the world are some of the most recognizable, wide spread, and visually stunning methods of ringing in the Christmas season. While the first accepted account of

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Brighten Up Your Holidays With Our Minneapolis Professional Holiday Decorators & Holiday Light Installation

Gathering with friends and family at your holiday decorated house is one of the Christmas Season’s finest pleasures. The home is a natural gathering place, and how it’s decorated plays an important role in setting a joyous mood. Our professional Christmas light installation and holiday decorating company can help brighten up your holidays this season. We provide holiday decorating services for Christmas and the entire Holiday season to convey your holiday spirit! Our  professional Christmas and holiday light installation experts will work with you to design a  personal holiday decorating plan that is uniquely yours. Your house or business can

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Residential Holiday Light Installation: Light up Your Christmas Season

Christmas and the holidays bring a feeling of expectation. It’s a time of visiting the past to keep the nostalgia alive and bringing in the new. Leave your Minneapolis and St. Paul Christmas and Holiday decorating to us. It is the old and new traditions that make Christmas and the Holidays like no other time of the year. Give yourself more time to spend with your family and friends by allowing our professional Christmas lighting and holiday decorating experts to light up your holidays! Our Holiday Lighting installation staff is committed to decorating up YOUR home for the festive holiday

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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Minnesotans

Installing outdoor lighting can be a reckless race into the dark for many people. Few understand the options available, and even less about how to work with electricity, but the truth is that low voltage lighting comes in so many forms now; even unskilled labor can install a system, although we don’t recommend it. The really simple sets won’t last very long, so if you are looking for a full scale professional landscaping company in MN that deals with outdoor lighting, then you can count on us at Architectural Landscape Design. Low voltage wires don’t need to be planted very

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Minneapolis Style

Night time lighting is one of those garden features that few people pay attention to, but once they see a good display, everyone wants one. Why do we have to wait until Christmas to light up our yards? Properly placed spot lights, up-lights, and floods will illuminate all of nature’s beauty, each their own unique way.  The dew in the morning will take on a personality of its own; an evening shower will perform a chorus and dance that you would otherwise never see. Animals that you knew were out there will not become part of your family. By utilizing

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