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Why Outdoor Lighting is the Key to Your Summer Get-Togethers

Warmer temperatures and sunshine, signal it is time to get outdoors. Summertime is great for hosting a barbeque, throwing an impromptu cocktail party, or spending quieter moments in your backyard. Strategically placed outdoor lighting transforms your home’s outdoor spaces at night. Outdoor lighting can create an ethereal experience for both family and guests. You can choose to install custom lanterns around your gazebo or pepper the winding walkway through your garden with LED lights. Investing in installing quality outdoor lighting increase your home’s attractiveness, and it also adds an extra layer of security. Outdoor lighting makes your home more visible

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New Trends to Spruce up Your Patio

As you look forward to the summer months, you may be feeling dissatisfied with the current state of your outdoor living areas. A drab, dull gray patio doesn’t exactly inspire daydreams of swanky garden parties or luxuriating in the sun with a mojito. Whether you’re building a patio from scratch or just updating your existing space, you should consider these exciting new trends that are taking the internet by storm in 2018. 1. Stone Inlays An elegant option for personalizing your patio is a custom inlay. Experienced builders can create beautiful works of art using stone or bricks, either incorporating it

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5 Creative Ways to Beautify Your Yard in 2018

New and seasoned homeowners both agree: There’s always more ways to make a home appealing. Especially yards. Whether you want to develop your garden, set up the perfect groundwater system, or have a private space for to entertain family and friends, you can create lasting memories — and maximize curb appeal for your home. Fire Boulders and Fireplaces A crackling fire can envelop the senses and give a backyard a comfortable, unique appeal. Fire boulders — which are pre-built fireplaces encased in natural stone — are custom kits that can add flair to any yard. It’s the perfect set up

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5 Awesome Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Landscape

In many ways, the landscaping and gardening industry hasn’t changed a considerable amount over the past few decades, but some innovative technologies can be integrated into your landscape to make things better. They can save you time by making maintaining your landscape more straightforward, and they can also make it look prettier. Why not invest in some new technology this year? Integrate Lighting One of the most widely used electronics is lighting, but rather than just using dull yellow or white solar lights; you can use bright colored LED lights. Lighting is an easy and efficient method for creating a particular

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Ready for the Holiday Season? Lighting Tips for Your Residential Property

Are you thinking about hanging your holiday lights soon? Invite the holiday season with a beautiful lighting display in your front yard and from your roof. Before you put anything up on the roof, be sure to run through a safety checklist. With the right combination of lighting, a little bit of creativity, and some necessary safety regulations, your house can be the envy of the neighborhood. Be a festive part of the community while staying safe with these tips for hanging and maintaining your holiday lights. Before Adding Your Lights   Before you start the installation of your holiday

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Four Stylish Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Options

Are you in need of lighting to keep your home looking good even at night? Landscape lighting enhances the look of your home, makes it safer, and also highlights the beauty of your carefully curated design. The right option for a contentious homeowner is to select low voltage landscape lighting when making a choice to illuminate your house. Once you’ve decided to purchase low voltage landscape lighting, it is just a matter of choosing the right look for your home. Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Now more than ever, low voltage landscape lighting comes recommended by professionals. They are easy to

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