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Why Autumn Is Ideal For Residential Lawn Rejuvenation

No matter how strong your lawn care skills are, your residential lawn will suffer the effects of daily use and fail to look its best after a potentially hot and dry summer. While regular lawn and landscape maintenance, such as periodic mowing and watering, are essential, they are not enough to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best year-round. There’s a good chance your lawn will rebound in the spring, thanks to recharging during its winter dormancy. Yet, it will fare even better if you take effective measures to help it make the most of that rejuvenation period. Now is

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Dog-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

Dog owners know the struggle of maintaining an outdoor area that is beautiful enough to enjoy while providing ample space for their pets. Animals can wreak havoc on grass, gardens, and other vegetation, so using dog friendly landscaping ideas can eliminate these headaches. In addition to providing a more eye-catching outdoor space, opting for dog friendly landscaping can keep your beloved pet safe and healthy. Unfortunately, homeowners might already have some toxic ornamental vegetation options in their backyard without knowing how hazardous they can be to their four-legged friend. By exploring dog friendly backyard landscape design ideas, your outdoor living

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5 Expert Tips For A Lush And Healthy Lawn

Homeowners will do almost anything to have a thick, lush lawn. This is even true for those who seem to care little about the surrounding landscape. They are emphatic about having a lush, green, well-manicured lawn that stands proud. It’s the one landscape element that everyone understands. Lush Lawns Make The Landscape The truth is even the best landscapes appear average if the green space that frames them does not look its best year round. Experts agree it’s easy to have a lush green lawn in the springtime when conditions are ideal. But what about the mid-summer days when you

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How To Prune Minnesota Trees For Health, Safety and Appearance

As we transition from spring to summer, woody ornamental plantings are actively growing and ready for timely pruning to support their health and longevity in the landscape. You’ll discover that a basic understanding of tree biology will equip you to give your plants the timely care they need. It’s partly true that plants enjoy vigorous growth after a restful winter dormancy period. More important, is that when springtime arrives they are well-stocked with carbohydrate fuel that has been stored as starch the previous year. Respecting and responding to this annual cycle is one of the first steps in achieving healthier

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Best Shrubs and Bushes for Minnesota Landscapes

Before you start landscaping your home or commercial property, you’ll need to consider which shrubs and bushes will add texture, depth, and color to your yard but you’ll also need to identify which varieties thrive best in the beautiful, yet unpredictable, Minnesota climate. It is important to choose the best shrubs for Minnesota season changes and the best bushes for Minnesota temperatures to plant in your garden. Shrubs and bushes are the cornerstone of landscaping design, so you can’t make the mistake of choosing a variety that won’t sustain well. Accentuating your overall landscaping aesthetics depends on the health and

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Popular Minnesota Trees That Homeowners Need To Know

Imagine investing in an asset whose value grows steadily over time, only to discover 8-10 years later that its potential was flawed from the beginning. This is what happens when the wrong tree is planted, or when healthy trees are planted on properties not suitable for them. Choosing trees that are right for you and your property requires a little homework. The first step is being realistic about your goals and the performance of the trees you have in mind. We believe nearly every shade, ornamental, and evergreen tree has merit. Some will last for decades or more, becoming majestic

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