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Attractive Outdoor Storage That Works

  Landscape storage doesn’t have to be an unattractive mess. You can protect your belongings with secure storage that is custom-designed and crafted by experienced carpenters. Storage built into and under decks disappears when designed as part of the structure. Stand-alone architectural landscape structures are also complementary alternatives. Outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, and toys need the right storage so that they can be used and protected throughout all of the seasons. For cleanliness and care, they should not be combined with tools, lawn mowers, and other outdoor equipment that use fuels and oils and that come into contact with the

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How To Prepare Your Wood Deck For Winter

  It’s time to prepare your wood deck for the winter to protect your investment and keep it safe for those times when you have to use it. These recommendations also apply to wood outdoor furniture and landscape elements such as wood arbors, pergolas, and fences. The age of your wooden structures will largely determine its current moisture content. As wood ages, it naturally dries out. This is part of the aging process. Going into winter it’s common for wood decks and other structures to be quite dry. That could change over the winter if they are not properly sealed.

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Creating a Dedicated Office Space in Your Own Backyard

Dedicated home office or studio spaces have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Telecommuting has become popular with many sectors of the population as technology has made working from home easier than ever.  This trend preceded our current reality in which families are learning to navigate working and studying at home. Nowadays the question may not be if a home or studio is right for your home, but when and where it should ideally be situated and how it will be used. Global Workforce Analytics research found that around 50% of workers hold a job that could be at

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Landscape Structures For Activities And Personal Style

The art and science of landscape architecture are the harmonious coexistence of people and Nature. Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping outside to breathe in Nature’s freshness and aliveness. Now imagine going further to your gazebo where you will enjoy magical moments as the sun rises. These structures, arbors, pergolas, and gazebos, punctuate, transition, and facilitate the dance among people and Nature. This is why they are instantly noticed in exceptional landscapes. Landscape structures, for the most part, are permanent and should be carefully planned for now and the foreseeable future. It’s advisable to work together with a

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Backyard Landscape Structures And Features For Family Activities

  Your backyard can be your own little slice of paradise if it’s properly designed with activities in mind. Landscaping is important, of course, but architectural structures and elements introduce new levels of interest and activities, whether for play, family entertainment, or relaxation.  While backyard structures can be built from durable materials, such as hybrid metal and vinyl composites, traditional wood carpentry gives them the warmth and natural appearance and feel to the touch that many people admire. When expertly combined, all of these materials create unique designs that suit specific environmental and lifestyle needs.  Whether the style of your

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5 Ways To Give Your Deck Personality

  There are aficionados for everything and outdoor decks that complement indoor living spaces are no exception. Decks typically have a casual feeling that makes for great enjoyment of the outdoors. A deck’s style may signal a particular region of the country, such as Northern New England or recall favorite childhood memories of vacations at a cabin on the lake. While wood is by far still the leading deck building material, modern composites and high-end aluminum materials have their place in the line-up. They are often more durable and easier to maintain. However, the natural appearance and feel to the

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